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There's great news for all fans of Sons Of Anarchy today, with FX announcing that it will shoot a pilot episode for the long awaited spinoff series, Mayans MC. The pilot will be written by Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, with Sutter is also set to direct the episode which will begin production in March 2017.

The Mayans MC gang [FX]
The Mayans MC gang [FX]

A Sons of Anarchy spinoff has been rumored for months, and though it was initially rumored to focus on the first nine members of SAMCRO, it was eventually changed to focus on their rivals, the Mexican-American gang, The Mayans, who fans will remember featured prominently in the first four seasons of the original series.

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Even before FX confirmed the news that a pilot was heading into production, the first cast member of Mayans MC confirmed their involvement, with Emilio Rivera a.k.a Marcus Álvarez sharing this post to Instagram:

Rivera is yet to confirm if he will be reprising his role as Álvarez or if perhaps he'll take on a different role, something which is possible given that one of the rumors surrounding Mayans MC is that it could be set at some point in the past.

But whenever Mayans MC is set it looks like we're one step closer to the highly anticipated spinoff finally becoming a reality - will you be watching?


Would you watch the Sons of Anarchy spinoff, Mayans MC?

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