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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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's creator (and possibly most fucked-up character) Kurt Sutter may pick off your favorite characters with the glee of a leather-clad George R.R. Martin, but he cares about your entertainment. The long-serving SOA writer is teaming up with BOOM! Studios to create a comic book series called , and it sounds perfect for fans of the righteous brutality of Sons of Anarchy. Sutter spoke happily about his new project in a press release:

"I’ve been wanting to create a mythology around kick-ass female characters — and in this current sociopolitical climate, it seems more important than ever. SISTERS OF SORROW is the story of four women, all victims of violent crimes, who unite to exact revenge on their perpetrators. By day, they are peaceful community activists in downtown LA. By night, they don bulletproof black leather under crisp white habits, strapped with state-of-the art weapons and the skills to use them.

Yep, nuns with guns, baby."

A vicious tale of revenge from the Sons of Anarchy brain who gave us THIS wince-inducing scene? Count me in!

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Will you be reading 'Sisters of Sorrow'?

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