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When Sony first announced they were rebooting the franchise, fans speculated that the new franchise might star fan favorite character Miles Morales Spider-Man, rather than Peter Parker. But we learned shortly after that Tom Holland would star is Peter Parker in the new films, and those films would crossover with the MCU as a deal was worked out with Marvel.

fans were a bit disappointed; however, that would change when Sony announced they would be doing an animated Spider-Man film that would showcase the adventures of Miles Morales. And now, Miles Morales has officially been cast, as well as the villain for the film.

Sony Finds Its Miles Morales For The Animated Spider-Man Film

Dope [Credit: Revolt Films]
Dope [Credit: Revolt Films]

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the star of the indie darling Dope and Netflix’s The Get Down, , is set to voice Miles Morales in Sony’s upcoming animated Spider-Man project. Moore’s star has been rising in Hollywood, and is a great fit for Marvel’s Spider-Man from the Ultimates comic run.

Ray Donovan star has been cast as the main villain, but there are no details about the character at this time. This is Schreiber's second foray into comic book films, having already portrayed the role of Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film was penned by (The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street), and will be co-producer with this Lego Movie co-director .

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The film will be directed by Bob Persichetti (The Little Prince) and Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians). Details about the project are pretty scant, but we can surmise that it will follow along the path of the comics, and center around Miles Morales juggling being Spider-Man with his other responsibilities – because with great power, comes great responsibility.

Fans of will be happy to finally see Miles Morales on-screen, and his presence in the animated Spider-Man film night open the door for a live-action debut. The still untitled Spider-Man film will hit theaters on December 21, 2018, and by the look of the cast, the film is already shaping up to be excellent. While you are waiting for Miles Morales' big screen debut, make sure you check out at a theater near you on July 7, 2017.


Are you excited about the casting of Mile Morales?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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