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Sony's Spider-Man spinoff movies remain something of a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. There are rumors galore, but precious few details have been confirmed. Frankly, at this stage, we don't even know whether or not these films will even become part of the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When it comes to Silver & Black, though, rumors about the movie's protagonists are gradually taking shape — And the latest hint suggests that Silver Sable won't be working alone...

Silver Sable And The Wild Pack

The beautiful but deadly Silver Sable is a mercenary from the nation of Symkaria in the comics. Using her combat and assassination skills, Silver Sable raises money for her homeland with the help of an elite team known as the Wild Pack. According to That Hashtag Show, it looks as though at least two members of the team are set to appear in Silver & Black; notably Powell and Klein, two agents who worked for Silver Sable.

More intriguingly, it looks as though the lines between Sony and Marvel are blurring. THS reports that Silver Sable isn't the only one hunting the Black Cat; Felicia is also being pursued by Dominic Fortune, who's working for the US Department of Justice. A mercenary who has strong ties to Silver Sable in the comics, Fortune has apparently been called in by a mysterious character named Agent Mark Sim. Curiously, there's only one 'Mark Sim' in the comics — and he's actually an Inhuman!

The most interesting aspect of this rumor is how neatly it intersects with what we'd already heard. There have been consistent rumors that Felicia Hardy, better known as the Black Cat, has committed a major piece of industrial espionage. As a result, Silver Sable has been hired to bring her in. That launches the two into a global game of cat-and-mouse, set against a rich backdrop of Spider-Man characters. There have even been strong rumors that Sony has cast a voice actor to play the part of Norman Osborn!

Normally, I tend to recommend taking rumors with a pinch of salt until they've been confirmed by three independent sources, and we're well short of that. That being said though, these reports are slightly more believable than usual, just because these rumors don't contradict anything else we've already heard so far. In that sense, everything seems to be remarkably consistent up to this point.

Meet The Characters Of Silver & Black

It makes perfect sense for some members of the Wild Pack to appear in the film, and Powell and Klein were always a safe bet; In the comics, Powell was traditionally a field operative, while Lorna Kleinfeldt was essentially the Wild Pack's business manager and administrator.

Mark Sim, however, is an intriguing question mark. The only Mark Sim in the comics is an Inhuman known as Haechie. He was created by Christopher Yost, who's writing the script of Silver & Black, but personally, I don't think we should make too much of this one. Many writers reuse names for blink-and-you'll-miss-them characters, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is just an example of Yost liking the name.

Dominic Fortune, though, is another matter. Originally created back in the 1930s, Fortune was an adventurer who ultimately became a "Brigand for Hire." Although Fortune doesn't have any powers, he's a ruthless and skilled warrior. The comics have tied Fortune to Silver Sable many times over the years, and they've even co-starred in some miniseries.

A classic character! [Credit: Marvel Comics]
A classic character! [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The interesting thing is though that Dominic Fortune isn't a character associated with Spider-Man. We know he wasn't part of the Marvel / Sony deal as his name wasn't mentioned in a leaked Licensing Agreement that was released during the Sony hack back in 2014. What's more, Marvel Television actually considered using Fortune as a villain in their proposed Marvel's Most Wanted Series, which sadly never got off the ground. So how has Sony acquired this character?

If these latest rumors are true, then this is an intriguing hint that Marvel and Sony are working together a little more closely than we'd believed. It may not mean that Sony's Spider-Man spinoffs will become part of the wider MCU. Rather, it may simply mean that the two studios have agreed on another smaller deal, perhaps even trading a character. This wouldn't be the first time that Marvel have taken this kind of approach; Remember when they struck a deal with Fox in order to gain access to Ego the Living Planet for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? In return, Marvel allowed Fox to dramatically redesign Deadpool's Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Right now, these rumors regarding Silver & Black remain unverified. That being said though, if these reports are indeed accurate, then we're gradually building up a fascinating picture of Silver & Black, one which suggests that Marvel and Sony may be working together a lot more closely than we'd previously believed...


Do you think 'Silver & Black' and 'Venom' should be part of the wider MCU?

[Source: That Hashtag Show]


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