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Karly Rayner

Sophie Dee might look like the sort of prim and proper girl you dread being lumped with at a party from the neck up, but from there on downwards she is DYNAMITE!

The Welsh rarebit is warming me to my very cockles with her chiquitas. That cleave is so perilously deep that I wouldn't feel confident going in without some sort of climbing equipment to escape the velvet sided ravine!

Those F-cup cuhuangas are just begging to be free of their cruel fabric prison. Nothing that beautiful should be locked away, and I am sure the classy patrons of the 'Hangover Games' would have NO complaints.

Will you be going out to hire the avant garde classic 'Big Wet Tits 11' tonight, or do Dee's dingers leave you high and dry?

(Source: Hollywood Tuna)


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