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Fans of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones are looking forward to the latest season with both excitement and dread, since this will be the penultimate season of the fantasy epic. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, shares this sentiment, as she remains unsure of what will happen to both Sansa and herself when the televised adaptation of George R.R. Martin's famous series finally comes to a close.

The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Turner shared some insight on what to expect when Game of Thrones finally ends. Though she didn't give away anything specific, Turner described the feeling she has regarding the show's inevitable finale.

Turner: I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it. It’s not like I’m brushing it under the carpet; I am fully aware that it is coming to an end, but I don’t think I’ll be ready until I shoot my final scene, and then I think I will be completely an emotional wreck for the next year or so of my life. I’m really not looking forward to it. It is terrifying.

Turner has spent the better part of her acting career on Game of Thrones, starting as far back as 2011. While she has some future film roles lined up - including Jean Grey in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix - it will surely be some time before she finds a new character as definitive and iconic as the eldest Stark daughter.

Despite playing Sansa Stark, who is becoming an increasingly strong female character, and X-Men's Jean Grey, Turner isn't opposed to playing less grounded characters in the future.

"There is no shame in playing someone who needs help ... I’d love to play someone like that in the future. There’s a lot of people pitching you ideas saying, ‘it’s a really strong female character, she’s 19 years old and she doesn’t live with her parents, and she’s doing her own thing.’ Sometimes I kind of think, ‘Well, what’s wrong with the 19 year old who is living with her parents and that is having a fucking mental breakdown because she’s depressed or this or that.’"

"Every woman is strong, no matter whether they are Queen of the North or they are homeless and not doing particularly well for themselves.”

Given that her career is on the rise, Turner doesn't have much to worry about. In Sansa's case, she finally made it back home to Winterfell last season after years of gilded captivity - but the reunion won't stay happy forever.

The fallout from her decision to ally with Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen) behind Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) could be about to show itself, and Baelish's advances towards her may reach a breaking point. For those of you who don't mind spoilers, Turner recently hinted that Sansa may or may not do something she might regret later on.

Game of Thrones' sixth season ended with all of the show's major factions gearing up for war, whether it was against the Baratheon (a.k.a. Lannister) monarchy or against the White Walkers. Given Game of Thrones' reputation as being an unforgiving show where any character could die at any time, fans expect the latest season to be just as emotionally demanding as previous seasons, and are currently preparing themselves for the rough road ahead.

Game of Thrones is set to end after season eight, so expect to have some of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the show's illustrious history from next week onwards. The show's seventh season will air on from July 16, 2017.

What are your expectations for Game of Thrones season seven? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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