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Throughout this season of Game of Thrones, we've watched as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow embraced their unknown relationship as aunt and nephew; you know, just as any normal family would, by mastering the art of sexual tension and staring longingly into each other's eyes. Okay, maybe that's just a Game of Thrones thing, but the implied attraction has been palpable this season. However, it seems that Emilia Clarke has complicated the pair's future during an cast commentary on the show's latest episode.

It's long been assumed that the two characters would get together on the series, but during a post-show interview, Emilia Clarke cast doubt about the presumed relationship by calling another man "the one from the very beginning". Check it out.

After Ser Jorah's triumphant return to Daenerys' side, it seems as though a rather interesting love triangle is forming, considering that there has been no other man more interested in Daenerys than Jorah himself. So, when Clarke outright calls him the one - regardless of her intention - it's a bold move.

"The thing about Ser Jorah is that he has been the one from the very beginning. I think he has an ability to see right through her."

It seems that even with all the googly eyes that Daenerys and Jon have been making toward each other, there's still this struggle for each of them to understand what their relationship is, and how they need to work together to save Westeros. Yet, even though we know HBO is building tension between Jon and Daenerys, Clarke continues to feed the flames of doubt after describing that his interest in her dragons is an attractive quality. She then jokes about being caught as if they were kids on make-out point:

"Busted! Me and Jon Snow just chillin' on a cliff by ourselves. Don't read into it."

What Could It Mean Moving Forward?

(Credit: HBO)
(Credit: HBO)

It'll be an interesting love triangle moving forward, as it seems the Game of Thrones team is pushing the Jon/Dany dynamic strongly. Re-introducing a healed Jorah could put a kink in the blossoming romance between the Targaryens. Yet again, Jorah will be a third-wheel, just as he was when Dany was with Drogo and Daario. However, the recent heart-to-heart that Jon and Jorah shared north of The Wall could be an indicator that Jorah may peacefully stand aside for 'Jonerys' to become an item.

Since we likely won't get any definitive relationship news until Season 8, it's interesting to have seen Jorah's journey to redemption after his treacherous actions in the early seasons while Daenerys was still with Khal Drogo. After being a 'little bird' for Varys, he chose to leave that life in the hopes that he could find redemption. His journey, although quite turbulent, has always had a profound impact on Dany, and she now considers him one of her greatest allies.

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