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Yesterday, Mike Marchant of Slash Report broke the news that Fox was interested in casting as Mr. Sinister for the long-delayed Gambit solo-movie. Marchant's sources claimed that the studio had a long-term commitment in plan, and was hoping to turn the James Bond actor into a recurring villain for the franchise.


As revealed earlier, Gambit would see Gambit (Channing Tatum) hired to lead a group of mutants on a heist. Employed by the mysterious Mr. Sinister of the Essex Corporation for $40 million, the Cajun mutant and his fellow thieves would be stealing a trunk in the possession of the Boudreaux clan.

But as interesting as this casting choice may have sounded, Umberto Gonzales of The Wrap claims to have debunked the rumors about Craig's possible involvement in the X-Men movies after doing some digging of his own.

There is currently no confirmation or denial from Fox or Craig himself, but Gonzalez's update should be a reason to reign in your excitement to avoid disappointment. Until either party says something specific about the matter, it's safe to assume that Craig won't be joining the superhero franchise any time soon. However, this does mean that the role could be given to Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who already expressed his desire to portray the character.

“I’m interested in creating a role. I’d love to do something that hasn’t been done before. Lex Luthor, there’s been a lot of that. I’ve been asked to take a look at Commissioner Gordon. It’s like, I would be one in several and I would kind of like to carve out a new identity. Mister Sinister has always been someone … that would be very cool.

Mr. Sinister is a popular foe who's been enjoying his infamy ever since his comic book debut in the '80s. Before becoming Mr. Sinister, Nathaniel Essex was a scientific genius who was searching for the answer to human perfection, which he believed was an inevitability due to the rising number of mutations. His quest would lead him to the ancient mutant En Sabah Nur (a.ka. ), who would grant him nigh-immortality and strong psychic abilities after he took up the name "Sinister."

Mr. Sinister And His Delayed Debut In The X-Men Franchise

Given his fame among X-Men fans and his impact on the comics, producers have been trying to introduce Mr. Sinister in the X-Men movies for quite some time. X-Men: Apocalypse first teased the villain in its post-credits scene (above), where employees of the Essex Corporation search for the Weapon X DNA in the research facility hidden in Alkali Lake.

X-Men producer and writer Simon Kinberg confirmed that the teaser in Apocalypse was meant to acknowledge Essex's presence in the X-Men movies and hint at his potential appearances in the franchise.

“It’s a nod toward potentially a lot of different movies. I mean certainly the Wolverine movie is related to what happens at the end of it, but there’s also another character that’s introduced, at least in name, in the tag and he could show up in any host of different X-Men films. Maybe a Gambit movie, maybe another X-Men movie.”

Mr. Sinister [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Mr. Sinister [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Mr. Sinister was actually meant to appear in , but director James Mangold turned down the idea to keep Hugh Jackman's finale independent of the X-Men movies' continuity. Because of this, the Essex Corporation was turned into Transigen, and any allusions to Essex were excised. Since the next X-Men movie is confirmed to be a new adaptation of the 'Dark Phoenix' arc, introducing Mr. Sinister in Gambit would be more appropriate.

Now that the X-Men series is headed for a new direction following the finality of Logan and the introduction of a younger generation of mutants in the First Class timeline, Mr. Sinister would be both a change of pace and great villain for the newest batch of mutants to deal with. Whether or not Craig plays the character in the Gambit movie or otherwise, Mr. Sinister's introduction into the X-Men movies is something to look forward to.

Who do you want to play Mr. Sinister in the X-Men movies? Share your casting suggestions in the comments below.


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