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Good news! South Korean politics has just became much easier to understand— well, at least for Game of Thrones fans. The South Korean presidential election just concluded, with Moon Jae-in proving victorious. And what better way to announce the results than with a Game of Thrones-style animated video?

The Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) looks to have put their best minds to work on the video, which imposes the presidential candidates' faces over iconic characters across various Westeros locations. The politicians are shown riding a dragon, jousting, sword-fighting and even taming a giant tiger.

The attention to detail is seriously impressive, from the fur-trimmed Northern garb to the towering horse statues over Vaes Dothrak. Check out the incredible animation for yourself:

Just Another Day In South Korean Politics

As hilarious as the video is, it's not exactly unusual to see the South Koran presidential election broadcast in such an entertaining manner. In order to maximize their viewers, competing networks have resorted to splicing politics with pop culture.

SBS have also created parodies of Pokémon and Rocky, whilst rival network MBC opted for Street Fighter. Of course, Game of Thrones' political narrative was perfectly apt for South Korea's real-life power struggle.

The Best Political Parody Yet?

SBS' Game of Thrones election video isn't the first we've seen, but it may very well be the best. Check out these clever creations from previous elections across the kingdom and decide for yourself which deserves to sit on the Iron Throne:

Australia's Game Of Polls

The Australian federal election of 2013 was almost as complicated and scandalous as the Game of Thrones plot, so it's hardly surprising that Juice Media decided to craft this clever coverage of all the political drama plaguing "Australios". The ironically right-wing Liberal Party have been the butt of endless Game of Thrones comparisons ever since.

Winter Is Trumping

Donald Trump said a lot of, ahem, interesting things during his campaign as president, and what better way to reflect on the wisdom of his musings than in the morally bereft realms of Westeros? Even Little Finger can't help but roll his eyes as he listens to Trump's political rhetoric.

The roles were reversed last year as Game of Thrones parodied the US presidential election to promote HBO's release of Season 6 on DVD. Fans could go online and vote for their preferred leader after reviewing their policies, which included Jon Snow's promise of "inheritance rights of illegitimate children", and an emphasis on "preparing for the long night."

What's the best Game of Thrones parody you've seen?


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