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creator Trey Parker certainly had his work cut out for him this week. While he and the South Park team usually produce episodes on an impressive week-by-week basis, they managed to outdo themselves by rewriting this week's episode entirely— all thanks to the unexpected election outcome.

Season 20 has been following a fictitious federal election that parodies the one that just concluded in the US. Mr Garrison has been depicting a Trump-inspired unlikely candidate, with an opponent that is an obvious portrayal of Hillary Clinton.

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Word has it that the creators were predicting a Hillary win, and had already created a different episode titled 'The Very First Gentleman'. Of course, they had to scrap the episode after Trump was named the next president of the United States. Now that's one hell of a tight turnaround.

After coming to the realisation that he'd bitten off way more than he could chew, Mr Garrison tried to backpedal his way out of the presidential race, but his bold claims and controversial beliefs had already won over even the most liberal of voters.

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

The latest episode shows South Park residents watching the announcement of Mr Garrison's victory in a stunned daze. Even the newsreader was taken aback:

It looks like Mr Garrison won't be returning to South Park Elementary anytime soon with the launch of his new political career. And what better time to reflect on Mr Garrison's journey to presidential greatness? Buckle up, Buckaroo!

Where It All Started

Mr Garrison begrudgingly sits through a cultural integration class to learn about Canadian culture, and so begins his plight for an immigrant-free America.

Reflecting On His Immigration Policy

His slogans sounded catchy when he was shouting them at rallies, but in an interview he's confronted with the gravity of his promises.

The Great Presidential Debate

Mr Garrison tries to get out of the mess he's found himself in with honesty, but he underestimates his opponent— and his voters.

One Last Attempt To Bail

Admitting to the real motivations behind his words, Mr Garrison urges voters to realise what kind of a man he really is. Oh, and the new Star Wars wasn't that great, either.

But despite all his efforts...

President Garrison's Triumphant Victory

Comedy Central
Comedy Central


What do you think of President Garrison's win?

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