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Now, for the many, many Americans who are unsettled by the recent election victory of famed reality TV star and self-professed sexual assaulter , the need to do something about it can be near overwhelming. For some, that's meant taking to the streets to engage in constitutionally protected peaceful protest, or proactive political activism, while for others it's largely involved the posting of despairing/hopeful links on social media, and trying desperately not to weep every time someone says the phrase "President Trump" unironically.

For the makers of 's , though, such longterm-ism and subtlety really isn't part of the deal. After all, South Park has long been a show that's worn its satire on its sleeve, and offered no quarter to those deemed deserving of its skewering. Which, since showrunners Matt Stone and Trey Parker deem everyone deserving of satirical mockery, is a pretty large group. If you have any sort of power, they will speak truth to it. And then make at least one fart joke. As it turns out, though:

South Park Just Did Something Unprecedented In Honor Of Donald Trump

[South Park/Comedy Central]
[South Park/Comedy Central]

Specifically, it seems, the show's creative team — or, perhaps, the studio executives in charge of its broadcast — seem to have broken a long-standing rule in honor of Donald Trump's recent electoral college victory.

Y'see, while the most recent post-election episode of South Park — "Oh Jeez" — may have largely been in the news because it had to be re-written in the wake of Hillary Clinton's poll-defying loss, it seems that the episode had an even bigger secret hiding within its brief running time. Specifically:

South Park Just Dropped The Actual F-Word For The First Time

[South Park/Comedy Central]
[South Park/Comedy Central]

Or, rather, the show just said "Fuck," un-bleeped, on its early airing, for the very first time in its history. As THR reported:

"The episode marked the first time in the show’s 20 seasons that the F-word was not bleeped during an early time-slot showing, according to Comedy Central. Usually, the only time that word is not bleeped is during late-night airings and on Hulu. However, it was said once, uncensored by Mr. Garrison on Wednesday. It was bleeped afterward in the remainder of the episode."

Now, that could, of course, be a simple accident — with the episode having been made in such a hurry that a single bleeping was missed out — but it's surely tempting to see something a little more meaningful hiding in there. Is South Park trying to point out that there's really no reason to be offended by the word "fuck" in the wake of a man beloved by the Klu Klux Klan and Vladimir Putin being elected president on the back of some of the most hate-filled speeches in US electoral history? Are Matt Stone and Trey Parker (and, perhaps, the folks at Comedy Central) simply making clear what their own reaction was? Heck, is this all just part of an elaborate hoax, one destined to end with Ashton Kutcher emerging triumphantly from the White House alongside a grinning Trump, taunting us all for having been so easily "Punk'd"?

No matter what happens, though, it seems only fair that South Park be increasingly allowed to air un-bleeped swearing. After all, the real world is becoming more like South Park's heightened, ridiculous reality by the day. Why shouldn't South Park become a little more like real life, too?

Want yet more Trump-themed news on which to gorge yourself while growing ever-more despondent, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is all of this an elaborate prank, or do we actually need to start examining how our society could become this divided and divisive? Let us know below!



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