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Steven Spielberg's upcoming movie Ready Player One is set to drop one hell of a nostalgia bomb on viewers when it hits cinemas thanks to its plethora of pop culture references. Based on the book of the same name, Ready Player One takes place in a future where the popular culture of the '80s holds the key to the location of a virtual reality tycoon's massive fortune.

Ready Player One is gearing up to be one of the largest love letters dedicated to the '80s, and this is why the creative duo behind the hit satirical cartoon show South Park have dubbed it as the "most Member Berry thing ever invented."

Spielberg Wins All The Member Berries

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming 21st season of , the show's creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone conceded the the latest movie from legendary director just out Member Berried them. As Parker said:

“Now that Spielberg is doing Ready Player One — which is like the most Member Berry thing ever invented — we can’t out-Member Berry that. All the Member Berries left our show to go be on that.”

The "Member Berries," for those unfamiliar, were the South Park creators' satirical stab at the ongoing wave of nostalgia for the lifestyles of previous decades. Seemingly innocent at first given their adoration of '80s mainstays such as the Star Wars movies, the Member Berries unveil their true nature when they fondly remember the narrow-minded ideologies of decades past, such as homophobia and racism. They are also fine with being eaten alive.

As seen in the trailer for Ready Player One (below), the movie is set to be filled to the brim with call-backs to just about every icon that defined the '80s. Following the trend for '80s nostalgia embodied by TV shows such as Regular Show and Stranger Things, Spielberg's latest may be this trend's logical extreme. Adding another layer to it all is the fact that Spielberg is a man who shaped much of the '80s in terms of media, making the upcoming movie feel more nostalgic than it already is.

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