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As a long-time South Park aficionado, news that the show's creators were working with Obsidian to bring us a full-blown South Park role-playing video game was pretty much the greatest thing ever. Not only is Obsidian an awesome developer, but and have done the writing for the game themselves.

We now FINALLY have a trailer for the game (suck it, GTA V!), so we can see just how special the occasion will be. Look out for the new kid, as that's who you'll be playing:

(via YouTube)

South Park fans should be looking forward to December 10, 2013, because that's when the game hits. It looks as great as the show, with the welcome addition of a ridiculous story about the 'Stick of Truth' and Kenny dressed in drag...

Do you think South Park: The Stick of Truth will be as awesome as the trailer makes it look? Let me know in the comment section below!



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