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While Spencer's strange side-quest in The Walking Dead Episode 7 may have seemed bizarre, there's no denying the it ended up yielding some massive results for Alexandria when he found a note with directions to caches of hidden supplies.

Spencer came across the note after spotting the reanimated body of a hunter on a tree stand, with a compound bow at his side. After managing to score himself the bow, the walker came with it and Spencer scored himself a pocket knife and a piece of Latin homework.

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Luckily, thanks to Spencer's mom, it turns out that the angriest man in the apocalypse was actually relatively proficient in Latin (recalling his mom's favorite saying "dolor hic tibi proderit olim" or "someday this pain will be useful to you"), and he managed to track down at least one of the caches in the note. So what exactly did the note say? Well it wasn't easy to read, but there's a few words that some smart cookies have been able to make out. Let's launch into this bad boy:

Spencer finds the Latin note [AMC]
Spencer finds the Latin note [AMC]

Ok first up, a big thanks to Redditor James_Rustler_ for translating as best they could. Here's what they managed to find:

Aqua = Water

Ad = to (thanks to commenter Rachael A. Turnbough)

Ab = from (thanks to commenter Rachael A. Turnbough)

Arborum = Of the trees (plants) (thanks to commenter Joseph Andrew Maliberan for clarifying)

Stantm = Standing

Videbam = I saw (thanks to commenter Joseph Andrew Maliberan for clarifying)

Que = And

Rei = Of the thing (thanks to commenter Joseph Andrew Maliberan for clarifying)

Capite = Head or You Get (thanks to commenter Joseph Andrew Maliberan)

Yeah ok, so it's not much — but maybe there are some Latin scholars out there who can pick a few more words from the note? Let me know if you notice any legible words and I'll update the article as we decipher this puppy. Together we can find those caches!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 8, "Hearts Still Beating" on December 11 at 9pm ET.


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