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Out of Spider-Man's five big-screen adaptations (soon-to-be-six), Sam Raimi's trilogy has remained as one of the most beloved and classic superhero journeys. Sadly, that doesn't mean the saga's without its hiccups as the third entry in the series, , is one of the most controversial superhero outings.

Despite numerous promising elements like , a new and , the movie couldn't pull in audiences like its two predecessors. Given all of its missed opportunities, fans have been clamoring for an alternate cut of the film. For years, their prayers seemed to go nowhere, but that just changed.

Recently Amazon quietly released a new version of the film, titled Spider-Man 3: Editor's Cut. Surprisingly though, the movie was pulled shortly after its release so there's no way of watching it right now.

It was previously rumored Spider-Man 3 would be getting a new version, so this could very well have been it. That's quite interesting, because it tells us Sony didn't want that cut out there just yet. However, even though the film was pulled from sale, over on Reddit, a user by the name of BannerHulk was kind enough to share what to expect from the film.

What's Different In The Editor's Cut?

First of all, this version didn't do much for the running time. In fact, it's shorter than the original version, clocking in at 2 hours and 17 minutes, two minutes shorter than the theatrically-released film. With that out of the way, here's what's different:

Slight Tweaks To Peter Parker's Journey

Remember 's merciless landlord, Mr. Ditkovitch? After a movie and a half of bullying Peter, the landlord begins to respect him after Peter snaps at him while under the influence of his black suit. Fortunately, with Spidey being the loyal guy he is, he made sure to apologize to Ditkovitch once he was back to his classic red and blue color scheme.

Well, the Editor's Cut takes that apology out. This time, Peter opts to wait and apologize to the man's daughter, Ursula:

"The scene where Peter is on the payphone and apologizes to Mr. Ditkovitch is removed, and replaced with a shot of Peter cautiously looking at the black box, and is shown after MJ arrives in the mansion elevator, but before the Twist scene. Instead, there is an alternate version of the scene where Ursula tells Peter that MJ called him, and he apologizes right then."

Aunt May () was Peter Parker's pillar throughout the entire trilogy. In Spider-Man 3, he turned to her twice. First to reveal he was going to propose to Mary Jane, and secondly, when May gives him a much-needed heroic pep-talk. Unfortunately, this new cut of the film removes Aunt May's second appearance entirely:

"The scene with Aunt May in Peter's apartment is removed entirely."

May's wise pieces of advice were the highlights of Spidey's journey. It's sad to know one of her shining moments, pulling her beloved nephew from the darkness, was taken out.

More Black-Suit Spider-Man Shenanigans

Spider-Man 3 was victim of deceptive marketing. In one trailer, we see Spidey swinging around New York in his brand new black suit in broad daylight. Once the film came out, however, that moment was nowhere to be seen. The Editor's Cut puts that back into the story, which in turn adds more to the moment when Peter goes to talk to Harry Osborn about Mary Jane.

"We finally see the full trailer footage of the black-suited Spider-Man [...] in the daylight as he leaves the Daily Bugle. It's then that he puts the suit back in the black box, and goes to meet Harry in the coffee shop."

That also served as a nice bridge for Harry and Peter's epic apartment fight. This scene also received some heavy changes, as Peter now waits on his couch for his former friend while they also have a different conversation. Following their fight, we move into the now infamous dancing montage. For this scene, the only change was the removal of the spinning newspaper at the beginning:

"The mansion fight then happens, but not before an alternate beginning to the scene with different dialogue and takes, and it starts with Peter lying on the couch. After that, the James Brown song montage starts, without the spinning newspaper."

There you have it. So, if you were not a fan of dancing Peter Parker, the Editor's Cut won't do anything for you.

An Even More Tragic Ending For Harry Osborn

despised Spider-Man for the majority of 's trilogy since he held him responsible for taking his father's life. In Spider-Man 3, he's finally able to stop blaming Peter after learning the blades that pierced Norman Osborn's body came from his own glider. It was a nice closing chapter for the character who would meet his end in the film.

In this new version, Harry doesn't get that same closure. Instead, he just sees a picture of Peter, Norman and himself together during the good ol' days and breaks down crying.

"An alternate scene where Harry doesn't learn about his father getting killed by the glider, and instead looks at a broken picture frame containing a photo of him, Peter and MJ, to which he then cries."

Harry learning of Peter's innocence after two films of tense animosity was one of the best payoffs in the trilogy. But this change does create a nice psychological exploration of the character. Even though he believes Peter killed his father, he decides to come to his aid simply because of their friendship.

Minor Changes

There were also various minor tweaking edits. While they're not considerable changes for the overall viewing experience, they're worth pointing out:

  • "Different background music during certain scenes."
  • "The shot of Sandman diving into the sand pit is removed, and he just falls in."
  • "At the beginning of the sewer/train fight, the shot of Sandman looking at the ceiling is cut by a second or two."
  • "The line 'Make him wish he were dead. First, we attack his heart!' is removed."
  • "After Sandman reforms himself, the sandcastle scene in the park is shown (though Venom's portion is edited out.)"
  • "The scenes with Harry and Peter at the cafe and the mansion fight is moved to later, and instead shows the scene in Peter's apartment before the fight. Right then, is when he wears the black suit under his clothes on the street and notices Eddie's fake photo on the Daily Bugle front page."

Seeing these changes begs the question: Does the Editor's Cut of Spider-Man 3 make the film better? Not really, although there are some interesting additions to the movie, such as Peter lying on Harry's couch waiting for him to fight it out, or shots of Spidey's black suit in action during the day.

As a fan of the film, there are also omissions that lessen the story's impact, like the removal of Aunt May's pep-talk to Peter or Harry never realizing Peter was not responsible for his father's death. While this new cut is ultimately shorter than the theatrical cut, it was a considerable change to the structure, but one I'm not sure would have made for a better viewing experience.

We'll get to see Spider-Man swing back into the big screen with Spider-Man: Homecoming, on July 7, 2017.

What do you think about this new version of Spider-Man 3? Does it make the film any better or any worse? Let me know in the comments!


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