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We've all seen the new costume that will be sporting in Spider-Man: Homecoming, thanks to the film's trailer:

But today released a short teaser detailing the upgrades that Tony Stark has made to Spidey's costume. In Captain America: Civil War, we discovered that Stark was not too impressed by Peter's current costume, webshooters notwithstanding, and he's been making improvements ever since:

We've already seen the external upgrades to the costume, but today we have finally been given more of an insight into the internal upgrades, in honor of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. Let's review!


Spidey's webshooters have been a staple piece of equipment since his early days. It's also established in the MCU that Peter created them himself, much to Stark's approval (and it takes a lot to impress him). However, with the upgraded suit comes upgraded webshooters. We thought we'd seen it all, but the new video reveals this is more than just a cosmetic upgrade.

The webshooters now have a laser targeting system, presumably to help ol' Webhead catch the right bad guy, and also selectable web types. What exactly this means is open to speculation. In the comics, we've seen Spidey create all manner of construct from his webbing; whether this was a parachute to break his fall or a giant net to catch falling debris, his webbing is very adaptable.

Maybe, just maybe, Stark has equipped him with the capability to create impact webbing as well — a staple of the Scarlet Spider's arsenal.

Web Wings

We've already seen these in action in the trailer (and don't they look awesome?!) but this is the first time they have been used in the movies. Dating back to his original costume way back in Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man had web wings to allow him to glide through the air. Many fans had wanted to see this detail added to the MCU Spider-Man's costume, and we finally got our wish. Hopefully, we haven't seen their only use in the trailer!

GPS Tracking System

Arguably the most interesting aspect of the new costume, or the most controversial aspect. There's a perfectly logical use for this based on the comics: spider tracers.

Ever since Amazing Spider-Man #11, Peter has used spider tracers to keep track of his enemies. Whether this was finding where their hideout was or just simply keeping tabs on their location, the tiny bugs would be planted on enemies. Perhaps the GPS tracking system is merely a means of utilizing that technology in a modern setting. We know that Peter made his web shooters himself; he might have already created spider tracers as well.

However, there is a slightly more controversial view on this. The MCU's Spider-Man will be monitored constantly with, presumably, Tony Stark constantly aware of his location (maybe due to the Sokovia Accords). This could be a controversial issue for Peter in the film. I've already mentioned how I am slightly worried Tony Stark could overshadow the true star of the film, so maybe this could be the detail that creates the friction in Peter's relationship with Stark.

In the original Civil War comic, Peter loses his trust in Stark when he discovers that he has planted a tracking device on him. Perhaps the MCU will adapt this within Spider-Man: Homecoming. After all, Peter is just a kid in Tony's eyes.

Expressive Eyes

As much as I thought the costume in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was perfect — it even had the big eyes that my favorite Spidey artist, Mark Bagley, draws — this was one element every single Spider-Man fan wanted to see. Many artists have given Spidey's mask expressive eyes, even though they make very little sense, Marvel have given us what we wanted. I look forward to seeing the many expressions Tom Holland's incarnation of the web-slinger brings to his own film.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm really excited about Spider-Man: Homecoming, which could be the greatest Spider-Man film yet. In Marvel's hands, the sky is the limit — and I'm sure they will do their flagship hero the justice he deserves on screen!

What do you think of Spidey's new suit? Let me know in the comments below.

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