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From the looks of the trailer, Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to take the unique twist. For the first time on screen, we will see Spider-Man under Iron Man's wing, before eventually branching away from the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist to become his own friendly neighborhood hero. This is going to be rather different from the previous Spider-Man films, which featured the web-slinger as the only superhero. Homecoming will be the first film to show Spider-Man looking up to other superheroes, as he did in the comics.

The more we find out about Spider-Man: Homecoming, however, the more it reminds us of a particular comic-book arc: Civil War.

Iron Spider in the 'Civil War' comics [Credit: Marvel]
Iron Spider in the 'Civil War' comics [Credit: Marvel]

The Civil War comic arc opens up with Spider-Man working under Iron Man, with the intent of becoming an Avenger. It is during this time that Spidey gains the now-famous Iron Spider suit, which is basically a Spider-Man suit with Iron Man tech.

As the arc continues, and the Civil War over superhuman registration rages on, Iron Man begins to condescend Spider-Man, as Spider-Man simultaneously begins to see Iron Man's flaws. In response, Spider-Man switches sides, begins fighting crime without the leash of the government or Iron Man, and ditches the Iron Spider suit for his classic Spider-Man suit that he designed himself.

Based on the trailers, the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming looks incredibly similar to this. The film will open with Spider-Man working under Iron Man's wing, after siding with him during the Civil War. Because of this, Spider-Man receives a hell of a lot of technical upgrades, from his adjustable lenses to his Spider logo somehow managing to fly off of his chest like a drone.

While these upgrades are not exactly the same as the Iron Spider suit, they are still serious upgrades from the standard Spidey tech that typically did not extend past his web-shooters. Considering that these upgrades all started with Captain America: Civil War last year, it is safe to say that our current iteration of Spider-Man on screen is indeed based on Iron Spider.

What Does This Mean For The Movie?

Spider-Man in his original suit [Credit: Sony Pictures, Marvel]
Spider-Man in his original suit [Credit: Sony Pictures, Marvel]

The most recent trailer for Homecoming revealed that Tony Stark will take the upgraded Spider-Man suit back at some point in the movie, after Peter breaks the boundaries Stark had set for him. During what we can assume to be the climax of the film, Peter now wears his original Spider-Man suit, knowing his roots are what make him amazing, not some Stark tech.

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However, the film could go a step further than Spider-Man symbolically wearing his classic suit in his final fight against Michael Keaton. By betraying Iron Man, and therefore breaking the Sokovia Accords, Spidey is essentially making the jump from Team Iron Man to Team Cap, just as he did during the comics. So here's where things get cool...

We Might See Captain America Show Up During The Third Act Of 'Homecoming'

Chris Evans as Captain America in 'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios]
Chris Evans as Captain America in 'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios]

While this may seem like a long shot, we already know that Chris Evans does show up in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as he was seen during the most recent trailer. While his appearance was just a short video during Peter's gym class, it does show that Evans was on set. The question here is, was he on set for that one cameo, or could he have had a larger role.

Taking a look at Chris Evans's schedule, he was actually not doing much else around that time. The only movie he was filming for in between Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War was Gifted, which shot in October 2015. Spider-Man: Homecoming shot in summer of 2016. Chris Evans clearly had a lot of free time, so it's very possible that his appearance in Homecoming will indeed be more than just that quick cameo.

Spider-Man and Captain America fight in 'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios]
Spider-Man and Captain America fight in 'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios]

It would make sense for Steve Rogers to show up in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as it would fulfill Peter's story arc in a comic-faithful way. In the comic-book version of Civil War, after Spidey ditched Iron Man, Captain America took him under his wing and started the web-slinger on a new arc, where he fought crime the way the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was supposed to: without an Iron leash.

To me, it seems likely that Spider-Man: Homecoming will do just this. Instead of Spider-Man just ending up on his own, we may see Peter team up with Steve Rogers, after fighting and ditching him in Civil War, and begin a new journey. This new journey would carry on in Avengers: Infinity War when Spider-Man will once again meet up with Iron Man, but on new terms. Captain America will likely help guide Spider-Man between Homecoming and Infinity War. This could be signified rather well by Cap having an appearance during the third act of Spider-Man: Homecoming, to drive home the point that Spider-Man has switched sides and crossed the threshold, now making himself an enemy of his old mentor.

Tony threatens to take Peter's suit in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' trailer [Credit: Sony Pictures, Marvel]
Tony threatens to take Peter's suit in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' trailer [Credit: Sony Pictures, Marvel]

Considering that the Avengers were still divided at the end of Captain America: Civil War, and there were still many loose ends to tie up, it's very possible that Spider-Man: Homecoming will essentially be Part 2 of Civil War. In the original screenplay for Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man was a major player, but he was replaced with Black Panther when Marvel's deal with Sony fell through the first time.

Spider-Man: Homecoming could essentially be expanding upon what the Civil War screenplay cut out. Considering how successful Civil War was at the box office, largely due to Spider-Man himself, this wouldn't be too bad of an idea. The uncanny similarities between the plot of Homecoming and Civil War in the comics and the clues that Chris Evans will show up in the movie drive this theory home.

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