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Spider-Man: Homecoming means a lot to fans, not only because it will be Spidey's proper introduction under the banner, but because it seems as if it might be the most faithful portrayal of the character to date. Now we have an awesome new clip that gives another clue that the will deliver the best version of the wall-crawler yet.

and went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote the film, which hits theaters in less than a month (not that I'm counting here). While there, they released a new clip from the movie:

We see Peter Parker and Tony Stark filming an alibi tape for Aunt May to cover for Peter's involvement in . Stark, being the billionaire playboy we know him to be, somehow finds a way to hit on Aunt May. As for Peter, he has the most adorable reaction after realizing he can keep his snazzy new Stark Tech-powered suit.

But the clip also further illustrates this Peter Parker's strong comic book ties. A modern adaptation of Peter's love of photography has been threaded all throughout the marketing campaign and it continues here. Ultimately, Spidey's desire to capture everything in his life comes from his excitement of being a child thrown into an insane world of gods and superheroes. But Peter Parker is no longer a teenager living in the 1960s, but 2017, so it's natural he'd be replacing taking still photographs with the more millennial approach of vlogging to document his experiences.

It's also worth pointing out that The Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson are somewhere out there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's possible these bits of footage are Marvel's way of planting the seeds for Pete's future in the photography world.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

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