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Two years after Marvel and Sony announced they were teaming up to introduce Spidey to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character's first solo installment in the franchise, , is finally here. Fans have been eager to know whether Marvel Studios managed to give Peter Parker his magic back.

Early social media reactions have been incredibly positive, but now the review embargo has finally lifted, and we finally have an idea. Here's what people are saying about Spidey's next adventure in the .

'Holland Presents The Best Spider-Man We've Ever Seen' — Movie Pilot

Movie Pilot's own Alisha Grauso praised the movie for being a Spidey adventure that perfectly blended the hero's best traits, from his earnestness and innocence, with his fun, bright approach to tricky situations. Furthermore, the movie captured the character's essence so perfectly, that it highlighted where the previous franchises misstepped:

"Tom Holland is the first to finally make Peter Parker and Spider-Man feel like one and the same. Looking back at the Maguire and Garfield movies (despite my love of them) through the lens of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' really exposes the areas in which they fell short."

Its amazing story and handling of the character, paired with Holland's stellar performance, make Homecoming a journey worth taking. And Grauso even concedes that with another viewing, it could knock Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 off her pedestal of the best Spider-Man movie yet:

"As a life-long Spider-Man fan, this may have not been the best Spider-Man movie—I still think 'Spider-Man 2' may edge it out, though that will likely change with repeated viewings—but I do think Holland presents the best Spider-Man we've seen. And for me, that's more than enough."

'The Best Spider-Man Movie Of Them All' — Nerdist

Nerdist's Kyle Anderson's high points from the film was Tom Holland, who keeps up the great quality performance we got a glimpse of in :

"Holland is an incredibly charismatic and charming Peter Parker, and while he’s clearly a handsome dude, you totally buy that he’s a big dork. He’s just as wide-eyed and exuberant here as he was in his few scenes in Civil War, and these traits never once grate.

Good news for fans: According to Anderson, delivers a performance that places him with the live-action comic book greats like Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Heath Ledger's Joker:

"Keaton as the Vulture is perhaps the best villain in the entirety of comic book movies, up there with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki or Heath Ledger’s Joker."

That's a bold statement, but one that makes me even more excited for Keaton's performance. Ultimately, Anderson dubs Homecoming as "the best Spider-Man movie of them all," and hopes future solo Spidey outings follow its formula.

'There Is A Remarkable Vibrancy About The Entire Tone And Approach' — Den Of Geek

Homecoming is all about returning to his fun and exciting roots, and according to Den Of Geek's David Crow, the movie achieved that. Crow praised the film for using its young character to set a hopeful tone throughout the entire runtime:

"There is a remarkable vibrancy about the entire tone and approach of Spider-Man: Homecoming. While still operating within the parameters of the Marvel Studios aesthetic, Watts and company succeed by turning the movie into a breezy and lighthearted day-in-the-life of a boy that verges on comedy."

[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures]
[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures]

While, like Grauso, he felt the best Spider-Man movie still goes to Sam Raimi's trilogy, did perfect capture the aspects that make Spider-Man such a beloved superhero:

"Holland, like Downey and Chris Evans before him, appears in some scenes to have been created out of whole cloth by Feige to encapsulate the most popular aspects of his respective comic book hero. While Tobey Maguire may still yet be in the best Spider-Man movie, Holland more or less plays the Spider-Man fans have long demanded."

'A Winning Combination Of A Fun Superhero Adventure Tale' — IGN

IGN's Jim Vejvoda echoed Den of Geek and Nerdist's sentiment regarding Holland's performance as the wall-crawler. According to him, Holland kept up with the likes of and Michael Keaton without getting eclipsed:

"Tom Holland is the definitive big screen Spider-Man [...] He owns every scene he’s in, never getting blown off the screen by his co-stars, which include such formidable personalities as Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton."

Vejvoda concluded by calling the movie a great combination of elements needed for a compelling superhero adventure, which makes him question his patience in regard to seeing Spidey on the big screen once again.

"['Homecoming'] is a winning combination of a fun superhero adventure tale with a heartwarming story about a regular kid dealing with some very relatable issues [...] Tom Holland’s Spidey can’t swing back onto screens again fast enough."

That's awesome, but those were only the good reviews. As is to be expected, the movie wasn't a hit with everyone.

'It Represents A Creative Misstep For The Studio' — THR

There were reviewers who didn't feel the movie hit the right notes to be the Spider-Man movie we waited for for so long. THR's John DeFore, for example, stated that, while not coming close to DC's cinematic misfires, Homecoming was a step in the wrong direction for Studios:

"Though it doesn't approach the abominations of recent DC movies ['Homecoming'] it represents a creative misstep for the studio — albeit one likely to ride fanboy enthusiasm to much better receipts than those enjoyed by Amazing Spider-Man, the recent incarnation starring Andrew Garfield."

DeFore also felt the movie suffered from the heavy connective tissue between , which led to an incoherent ending. All those shortcomings left him wishing for a better second try at the web-slinger:

"The film wraps up with an ending recalling the incoherent, have-it-both-ways finale of 'Iron Man 3' — attempting to embrace the "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" ethos while exploiting the rich-dude glitz afforded by Spidey's new buddies. Hang in there, True Believers: Maybe it'll get better the second time around."

''Homecoming' Has An Aggressively Eager And Prosaic YA Flavor' — Variety

Variety's Owen Gleiberman felt Tom Holland didn't quite deliver a compelling version of Peter Parker to the screen. For him, the actor's characterization was based more on compliance rather than being his own hero:

"Holland has a likable presence, but he’s dutiful and imploring rather than captivating. His wormy pale handsomeness makes it seem, at times, like he’s starring in some high-school chapter of 'The Bobby Flay Story.'

Furthermore, one romantic scene between Peter and Liz Allan, highlighted how much Homecoming leaned on the legacy of its titular character, rather than creating its own:

"At one point the two are poised in an upside-down kiss that never materializes, which only reminds you of how much the film is feeding off its legacy. It’s fine — and true enough to Marvel — to make a 'Spider-Man' movie about a young adult, but 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' has an aggressively eager and prosaic YA flavor."

Overall, it looks like Marvel pulled off another hit with Spider-man. While Homecoming has its share of criticism, the praise is much more prominent. From the looks of it, , Marvel Studios and captured the young essence and down-to-Earth dynamic that make Spidey such a beloved superhero.

That's a fresh and welcome addition to the were authority figures like Captain America, Iron Man or Thor are the ones dressing up and fighting the bad guys. If you can't wait for Spider-Man: Homecoming don't forget to watch it when swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

What do you think about the response to Spider-Man: Homecoming? Will you be watching it on opening day? Let me know in the comments!