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Spider-Man: Homecoming will be packed with Easter Eggs and surprises for eagle-eyed fans to spot. So far, we've noticed Star Wars nods, Avengers references and cameos and even connections to the Netflix MCU shows (and those being only from trailers and interviews, might I add). So it's safe to say 's next solo outing will be an entire basket worth of surprises.

Further proof of that penchant for can be found in the movie's rogues' gallery. Specifically, Bokeem Woodbine's The Shocker. Believe it or not, the guy shares a connection most of us never saw coming with a classic Captain America villain: The deceiving (and downright terrifying) Crossbones.

The Shocking Connection

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

The Shocker is one of three villains Spidey will have to trifle with to save the day. In the comics, the guy's known for using a pair of concussive gauntlets to stand a chance against our arachnid super teen and other pesky do-gooders.

And it's those weapons that connect to one of Captain America's greatest villains. During an interview with CinemaBlend, co-producer Eric Carroll revealed the surprising origin of Shocker's in-movie signature gauntlets:

"One of the guys on his team goes by The Shocker, which Toomes make fun of him for. 'What is this, Pro-Wrestling?' [...] He's got these insulated, yellow arms, like the Shocker in the comics. That gauntlet, you'll recognize from the beginning of 'Civil War'. It's what's Crossbones is using to kick the shit of Cap in that prologue.

(Shout-out to Matt Creamer, who made the connection between the similarities of Shocker's costume and Crossbones' gear months ago.)

The scene he's referring to takes place at the beginning of , where Crossbones attempted to steal a nuclear weapon, but - being a bad guy with a penchant for chaos and all - caused a catastrophe with worldwide ramifications instead.

Now, even though the gauntlets are one and the same, don't expect Shocker to just pack a good gut punch, as the Vulture's team tinkers (heh) with it:

"They scavenged it from the battle in Lagos, and made a couple of upgrades, so that it's not a pneumatic punch machine. It also delivers a pretty hefty jolt when it connects, as well."

Essentially, they've modified the gauntlets to be able to do this...

This is a pretty awesome connection. I must admit, I never even considered the possibility of those weapons returning, or serving as a connection between Spidey's solo adventure and the Avengers' world. is going full throttle with that merger, because...

Crossbones Is Not The Only Avengers Connection In 'Homecoming'

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Expect a whole lot of connective tissue between and 2012's The Avengers, because it's the event that occurred in the latter that's now coming to bite Spidey. Turns out that Adrien Toomes constantly steals - alongside his crew - Chitauri weaponry from Damage Control to engineer his new weapons. As Carroll revealed:

"They use this wing suit to go on these little raids, to get to these sites that would normally be under Damage Control's purview and get this [alien] stuff first. Or, if they can't get there first, they intercept and rob Damage Control trucks in a stealth way, so that Damage Control doesn't realize they're being robbed. Of course, these are just trucks full of junk. [Toomes is] picking and choosing the cool stuff out of there. So before it even gets to Damage Control to be sorted, they don't know anything is missing. That's sort of his operation."

Hmm... stealthy, huh? Looks like Keaton's Batman training paid off after all.

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Of course, from the weapon we saw at the very beginning of the first trailer and previous information, we were aware that the Chitauri technology had fallen into the wrong hands. But it's nonetheless great to have further proof of Marvel throwing Spidey into the larger as soon (and as hard)as possible

The studio is making the smart move of using what's already set up in the universe, dust it off and give it new life. Going by these two examples, it's doing it in a very intriguing and exciting way. Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7, 2017.

What did you think about Homecoming's nod to Civil War? Would you like to see Crossbones pop up again in the future? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: CinemaBlend]


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