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These should be the best of times for Spider-Man fans. After all, the web-slinger has swung his way into the , and we're mere weeks away from seeing Tom Holland's first solo outing as the wallcrawler in ! The problem is, though, anticipation for Homecoming has been a little overshadowed by concerns over 's future in the MCU. Back in March, Producer Amy Pascal made some ambiguous comments that seemed to hint Spider-Man may exit the MCU after the 2019 Homecoming sequel, and it's left fans desperately worried. Now, Homecoming Director Jon Watts has spoken out, giving fans their much-needed reassurance.

Here's What Jon Watts Had To Say

Speaking at Supanova Comic Con in Sydney, Australia, Watts spoke candidly about Pascal's comments. In his view, we were all worrying over nothing:

"I don’t think she [Amy Pascal] meant that in an apocalyptic way. I think she was just trying to say what an unprecedented deal [it was] that Marvel and Sony teamed up.

It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I think that is what she was trying to say as opposed to putting a ticking clock [on Spider-Man]."

In other words, Watts explained, Pascal was trying to get across the fact that she'd never seen two studios co-operate like this — and likely never would again. She wasn't trying to imply anything about Spider-Man's fate; she was simply trying to express her awe and delight that the deal had happened in the first place. It's worth remembering, incidentally, that Amy Pascal doesn't actually work for Sony any longer (she left shortly before the Marvel / Sony deal was announced in 2015), and so we wouldn't really expect her to be in the loop for high-level negotiations anyway.

Jon Watts is only the latest to reassure fans. Just last week, Tom Holland himself unwittingly revealed that Marvel and Sony had made deals for a Spider-Man trilogy from the get-go — and he should surely know, since it's likely written into his contract!

What about after the trilogy, though? Well, bluntly, worrying about that at this stage seems premature. But there is over every character; after all, even mainstream Marvel heroes are only signed up for a limited number of films. We'd be wiser to stop stressing, sit back, and simply enjoy the movies.

Right now, Spider-Man is back in the MCU — and that's a fact we should be celebrating.


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