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In July this year, Spider-Man swung his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland's Peter Parker may be the third big-screen incarnation of the character, but he's like none we've ever seen before. While Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield stood as solitary heroes, Holland lives in a world of gods and aliens.

In celebration of the home release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marvel and Sony have released this stunning sizzle reel to give you a sense of everything you can expect!

What Marvel fan isn't thrilled to hear Stan Lee declare that Spider-Man is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Throughout the ten deleted scenes included on the home release, expect to learn what happened to the Shocker's gauntlet after he was knocked out at the end of the film. Get to know Principal Morita a little better. And who can resist more of those hilarious Captain America Public Service Announcements?

Let's take a look through the extras...

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Deleted Scenes

Let's start with "The Triskelion." The scene shows the Academic Decathlon team on the school bus, headed into Washington, DC. In an entertaining nod to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the bus drives past the wreckage of the Triskelion. Given that Zendaya is being set up as a potential future love interest, it's amusing to note she doesn't hold much faith in superheroes...

The comic book version of Peter Parker is a photographer, but now, his modern-day equivalent loves to make his own videos! In "A Film By Peter Parker," we can finally watch the video in full, and enjoy all the humor and comedy that comes with it. Of course, this is one recording that Peter needs to remember not to upload to YouTube as he reveals his secret identity plenty of times!

Another deleted scene, "Aaron Still Stuck," will show Donald Glover's Aaron Davis. Having been webbed to a car by Spider-Man, Davis is learning the hard way that webbing takes time to dissolve. It closes with another nod to his nephew, Miles, who fans know and love as Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man! "Cafeteria" adds more color to Peter's high school life, while "Return from ATM" shows Peter getting home after taking on the high-tech bad guys.

Michael Keaton's Vulture shines through as a family man in "Anxious Toomes," while "Go It Alone" will see Spider-Man standing solo. "Happy Calls His Mom" is a hilarious video in which Jon Favreau insists he's done something right, just before he sees Stark's plane crashing in the distance. And "Mr. Harrington Lessons in Love" is a collection of scenes fleshing out Martin Starr's Mr. Harrington, complete with more nods to Captain America: The First Avenger.

Perhaps the most amusing of all the deleted scenes and shorts though is the "Midtown News Final Segment," a parody of school news shows. It's a hilarious short video, filled with Easter Eggs, and even reveals just what happens to the Shocker's wrist gauntlet.

Gag Reel

You know that sense of clutziness Peter Parker radiates in Homecoming? It wasn't entirely an act on Tom Holland's part, as you'll learn when you watch this gag reel. Meanwhile, it's amusing to see just how close we came to hearing a certain iconic phrase make its way into the movie...

"Spidey Stunts"

Want to know how Marvel created those amazing stunts? Then this featurette is for you. It goes behind-the-scenes on the stunts themselves, and this excerpt focuses on the Washington Monument. Stunt coordinator George Cottle took an innovative approach to filming some of the most dramatic moments, truly giving Tom Holland a chance to shine as the most agile wall-crawler to date.

Other Featurettes

Going behind the scenes, the disc also features a cameo from Stan Lee himself. The comic book legend walks viewers through how he created the Vulture, and how the villain was adapted for the big screen. Another featurette, "Searching For Spider-Man," explores how Tom Holland was cast for the role, and provides us with a sense of just how much pressure Marvel were under to get this right. 7,500 actors submitted audition tapes to play the character, and Marvel met with about 200 of them. There's also a copy of Tom Holland's actual audition for the role, and another featurette known as "The Spidey Study Guide."

The "Aftermath" featurette explores just what it means for Spider-Man to be set in the . This version of Peter Parker grew up in a world of alien invasions and Hydra conspiracies. What does that actually mean for the future of everybody's favorite wallcrawler? It's all rounded out by two more intriguing featurettes, the "Pros and Cons of Spider-Man" and a focus piece on director Jon Watts, "Head of the Class."

"Rappin' With Cap"

Captain America's Public Service Announcements were a real highlight of the film. The great news is that Jon Watts had Chris Evans on set for quite a while, so he literally wrote pages of them. Marvel actually filmed a whole host of these PSAs, and "Rappin' With Cap" collects the best of the bunch.

It's a delight to see brought to life as part of the . We've seen gods, we've seen soldiers, we've seen millionaires — but now we're seeing what this all looks like from the perspective of a teenager. Spider-Man is the everyman hero of the Universe, and he brings a whole new lease of life to the MCU. The special features celebrate his return in style!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out now on Blu-Ray and DVD. Don't miss it!


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