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After his brief but memorable introduction in Civil War, Tom Holland's Spider-Man is getting his own film. This time around, the young superhero will be facing 's Vulture, in addition to The Tinkerer (played by Michael Chernus) and Shocker, played by Bokeem Woodbine.

Fortunately, Spidey won't be alone. Since the Web-Slinger is finally part of the , Iron Man will be around to lend a much-needed helping hand.

Now Sony and Marvel released two new trailers for Homecoming. The domestic one was all about Spidey's snazzy gadgets. The international one is very different, with a whole lot of new information. Check it out for yourself:

The trailer offers us quite a bit of new information for the film, but two parts are more significant than anything else.

Spidey's Video Diary

Turns out Peter was keeping a video diary of everything that happened during . We already kind of knew that from one of the first trailers, which showed Peter trying on his snazzy new suit for the first time, but we didn't know the extent of his coverage.

We see three videos in total. The first shows Peter observing Iron Man from afar as he tries to talk sense into Steve Rogers right before Stark calls on Spidey to join the battle. Peter's reaction to Black Panther is priceless:

"Look at that new guy! Who's that?"

That line's particularly funny considering that Spidey and are the two characters for whom Civil War was a jumping-off point for their solo adventures.

The second video shows us Peter's reaction to Ant-Man's transformation. He's recounting taking away Cap's shield when all of a sudden, Scott Lang shows off his new ability. It's worth noting that Spidey exclaims "Holy sh––", after Giant Man shows up, so now we have a better angle of his entire reaction.

The third video's all about Peter recounting what happened in the fight. (Which, in retrospect is a bit pointless considering he filmed the entire eye-popping battle.) However, Peter's excitement is cut short when Tony Stark goes into his room to complain about the excessive noise.

The videos are a nice touch. Spidey is ultimately just a teenager who's been thrown into a crazy world of superheroes, so him filming his entire journey feels natural. My only question is... who is he going to show the videos to? Is Peter planning on telling Aunt May about his costumed shenanigans? As we saw in the very first Homecoming trailer, he's probably keeping them for his own enjoyment.

Vulture's Ambitious Plan

From all the information we've gotten on Michale Keaton's Vulture, we know he's a disgruntled Stark Industries employee hell-bent on revenge against Iron Man and the Avengers, a feeling that encourages him to turn into the flying villain. The thing is, this trailer sheds more light on the scale of his plan.

We see Happy Hogan loading up a shipment of Avengers weaponry (presumably headed to Avengers HQ), when Adrien Toomes swoops in and steals the shipment, which includes an Iron Man armor.

[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony]
[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony]

Ultimately it wasn't revealed what kind of weapons he stole, but the fact that they were meant for a group of super-powered individuals taking on cosmic threats tells us a lot about their destructive capabilities. Yeah, it's safe to say Spidey will have his hands full with his new baddies.

There you have it. That's what the international Homecoming trailer gave us. I was already quite excited to watch the film, but after watching the two new trailers, my hype levels are officially through the roof.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

What did you think about Spider-Man: Homecoming's international trailer? Let me know in the comments!


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