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We finally have the amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. And, as it usually goes with big-budget superhero movies, we also got an international with more footage and a different flavor than the original one. The important thing about this additional footage though, is that it could be hinting at Spidey's biggest team of villains: The Sinister Six.

While the hints are brief and hard to notice, we have enough to make a solid case.

"The World's Changing Boys, It's Time We Changed, Too"

That quote above is an important clue. In the movie, Herman Schultz/Shocker and Adrian Toomes work together before the latter gets the Vulture suit. A driving factor for the pair of villains to evolve is the crazy world around them.

This trailer shows us that Peter battled the two villains before getting his suit upgrade. Things didn't seem to go according to plan for , though, as Adrian Toomes gives him a very serious threat, making it clear to the teenager to "not mess with him." And Shocker was the one who threw the bus at our hero — or, rather, threw our hero into the bus.

But, even if Spidey lost the encounter, could Toomes have realized the threat superheroes were to them? I mean, when it takes an entire school bus to sort of take a persistent kid down, one should start to worry. That could be the entire reason for the existence of his Vulture suit.

Another big clue to the setup of the is the fact that Adrian doesn't only work with Herman Schultz, evident by his "boys" remark. In the US trailer, we even get a glimpse of two other members of his gang, and one of them has a very interesting-looking weapon (and the other is Donald Glover, who may be playing a villain after all):

Could some of them be live-action versions of Sinister Six members? Given that the trailer shows us the criminal's motivations, it's likely they try to form their own version of bad-guy Avengers to protect themselves.

That would be a very accurate adaptation of the , as the main reason the baddies begrudgingly formed their supervillain team was because they realized that, despite how powerful each of them were, no one would be able to take on Spider-Man (and beat him) by themselves. Overall, these incredibly small details are very clearly hinting at the Sinister Six's future.

Still, we need to see if Vulture or Shocker even make it out alive from , considering Marvel's penchant to kill their bad guys at the end. However, taking into account how the MCU is being made much like a comic book, with ever-returning adversaries and never-ending struggles for superheroes, it's very likely these two stay alive, or at least one of them.

Therefore it isn't far-fetched to think is already planting seeds for a Sinister Six team-up. After all, just two years ago, the baddies had their own movie scheduled for this year before the deal between Marvel and Sony took place.

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Furthermore, Sony has stated they are still interested in taking the villainous group to the big screen. Now, they could take advantage of the , as it would be a great dynamic that stems from the fact that, in a world full of superpowered individuals, their biggest pain in their butt is a mouthy teenager with spider powers.


How would you feel about the MCU finally introducing The Sinister Six?


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