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Spider-Man: Homecoming has already gotten itself on somewhat of a hot seat with fans due to it high amount of potential villains (cue The Amazing Spider-Man 2 flashback). Now that flame will really be ignited, with rumors going around that the villain Nighteater will be added to the mix. Not familiar with Nighteater? What about his new identity as Nightwatch? Who is Nightwatch you say?


Marvel Wiki Image.
Marvel Wiki Image.

Doctor Kevin Trench (formerly a villain in another reality named Nighteater) was just an ordinary guy until one night he saw a man in a suit get killed by a group of terrorists. Trench then went over and took the suit off the man to find that the man was actually an older version of himself. Trench tried to avoid the suit, figuring that he wouldn't die such a death if he never put the suit on. Obviously that didn't work out (you can read more about that here.)

Nightwatch is one of the more unusual Marvel characters to come down the pipe. He swore to protect New York City much like our friend Spidey. Nightwatch was more popularly known for fighting the likes of the Maximum Carnage gang that spread throughout the city. He has even teamed up with other characters such as Captain America and Black Cat.

So how did this rumor come about?

Well, according to Bleeding Cool,

Sony employees have been taking a real interest in Nightwatch, buying up any and all comic books that feature the character.

Hmm, sounds like we have some pretty interesting events playing out on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. I guess we will just have to stay tuned and wait for potential more information to unravel.

Of course, Nightwatch doesn't nearly have the same reputation as Spidey, who, let's face it, saved the day more than once:

What do you think? Will Nightwatch be in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Let me know in the comments down below!


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