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is right around the corner. Marvel is finally at the helm of his film, and thanks to all the promotional material we've been given, fans are confident this will the adventure that finally puts Spidey back into the superhero movie map. Now, we have one more detail to support those expectations.

A few outlets attended a Homecoming set visit and thanks to it, we have a batch of new juicy details about Spidey's first solo adventure in the . Specifically, a detailed description of the beginning of the film. If you don't want to spoil the start of the movie, look away now.

Still here? Great. Let's begin...

The Beginning Of Adrian Toomes' Villainous Journey

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Surprisingly, the very first thing we'll get to see in the movie is Adrian Toomes', a.k.a. The Vulture's backstory...

"The film literally begins in the shadow of Stark Tower, now with its trademark “A” still hanging on. Michael Keaton’s Toomes has arrived with his boys to begin the clean-up process, a nice little contract he’s picked up for his salvage business, only to be stopped by the Department of Damage Control (a nod to the classic Marvel comic series) who are taking over the clean up and send Toomes away."

Clearly, Tony did not pay attention to the guy's ominous message:

This small piece continues the tradition of making villains relatable everyman sort of characters. The man is trying to earn a living but the opportunity is taken away from him by a much more powerful man.

That's great character development as it's a believable motivation for someone like Adrian Toomes to lose it and become a flying, beam-firing supervillain. Because of this, I'm really excited to see Marvel taking the time to flesh out its newest villain as an actual character.

A Return To The Superheroes' Civil War

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

After that series of unfortunate events, a very interesting time-jump happens, right in the middle of the superheroes' . But don't expect a rehashing of it, the film will take its time to fill in the gaps left by the film, mainly by answering the question: What in the world was Peter doing before and after the epic battle? Well, having fun with his powers:

"Following that, and the Sony and Marvel logos, things will jump into the middle of 'Civil War', just after Tony Stark has recruited Peter to his side of the fight. A montage will show Peter’s exploits in leaving New York, riding on a private jet to Germany, and taking place in the big airport fight. We’ll also see what he did right after that, hanging around in Europe… literally, as he explores the world in his brand-new Spider-Man suit."

But not everything lasts for our young hero. In true Spider-Man fashion, we get to see...

Peter Parker's Return To Mundane Reality

[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony]
[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony]

eventually has to return to his normal life. After all the excitement he lived, that proves to be a tough assignment, especially with his idol, Tony Stark, not calling him back after the airport battle:

“After seeing all this amazing, glamorous stuff. Boom… hard cut to him back in his cold weather gear. Riding the subway to school. Crammed next to all the other students, riding public transportation to school and we’ll realize that he’s still waiting for his call from Tony.”

... Ouch. I love how the film is exploring the true reaction of a child thrown into a crazy superhero world. He just wants to enjoy his powers and live up to Tony Stark's expectations, a man who's become a legend in the superhero community and an idol to Peter himself.

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Opening scenes are one of the most important aspects of any film. They are the ones that either grab you and pull you into the story or lose you completely, making you question your ability to sit through the entire picture. Judging from this description however, has pulled off a welcoming and intriguing environment for audiences in such an important solo outing for our web-slinger.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7, 2017.


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