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It's been 55 years since Spider-Man learned that "with great power there must also come — great responsibility!" The iconic line, and arguably Spidey's motto, first appears in 'Amazing Fantasy' Issue #15 (1962), where the line is spoken by an omniscient narrator. However, the maxim has become tantamount to Uncle Ben because later issues attribute these words of guidance to Peter Parker's beloved uncle.

Amazing Fantasy Issue #15 (Credit: Marvel Comics)
Amazing Fantasy Issue #15 (Credit: Marvel Comics)

When decided to reboot the web-slinging hero for the third time in a decade, we all expected the famous line to be included and we were very surprised when it didn't show up. Many fans took to Spider-Man: Homecoming's discussion thread on Reddit to express their irritation regarding this omission while others shared their satisfaction with Marvel's decision.

Well, it looks like that the quote was initially included and was said during a deleted scene by an unexpected character: Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr) very own Happy (Jon Favreau).

Happy Misses His Chance To School Peter:

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein opened up to Yahoo! Movies about several changes made to Homecoming's initial script and it turns out that omitting the iconic phrase wasn't always the plan. The pair said that Happy was expected to allude to the phrase by failing to remember a message from Tony Stark. The line was not included because, as it was described by Goldstein, was "too meta."

“At the end when Happy is in the boy’s room in school we had him say, ‘Oh yeah, Tony wanted me to tell you, 'With great power comes… something, I forgot.’' [but] It was a little too meta.”

Marvel's latest reboot might be trying to distance itself from the other two Spider-Man continuities as both previous franchises included the quote (or a version of it). Since Marvel didn't opt to tell Parker's origin story (and we're all glad about it), it made sense to give the film a fresh angle that is more in-line with the .

Although it seems to make sense, fans will surely be left wondering whether Marvel made a sound decision in this case. "With great power comes great responsibility" is more than just a quote for Spidey, it's a way of life and an integral part of his identity.

Fortunately the sentiment itself can be seen throughout the movie. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) had to learn that his powers have consequences and that he has to be responsible when using them.

So, Did Marvel Make A 'Responsible' Decision?

If Happy had been the one to tell Peter that, "with great power comes... something," there's no doubt that fans could have been angered at the downplay of Spidey's historic life lesson. In fact, a similar decision (which made it into the film) was dropping an 'MJ bomb' at the end of the movie - which caused a little confusion as to the inspirations behind Zendaya's character.

It's more than likely that Marvel is saving this iconic line for a more fitting moment in the future. Peter has a long way to go before reaching his true potential, which means that there will be plenty of opportunities to integrate the quote at a later date.

It's highly likely that we'll get to know more about Peter's family, including Uncle Ben and Aunt May (because we all want to see more of Marisa Tomei), which will give Marvel a great opportunity to give this line the gravitas it deserves.

After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

What do you think? Should the iconic line be directly included in a future Spider-Man movie? Let me know with a comment.



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