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Spider-Man: Homecoming just opened in theaters, and it's already swinging into high box office numbers with a preview opening of over $13 million. The preview screening kicked off Thursday evening in 3,450 locations. The film has a stronger preview opening than previous entries Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($11.2M), Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($10.2M), and Dr. Strange ($9.4M).

Homecoming is even outperforming the Web Head's previous outings, as Spiderman 3 pulled in $10 million and Amazing Spiderman 2 saw a preview night haul of $8.7M. Homecoming even excels against the superhero competition, beating Wonder Woman ($11M) and Deadpool ($12.7M). The real test will be on Friday when Homecoming opens fully in 4,348 locations. Wonder Woman went on to make $103.2 million thanks to Gal Godt's portrayal of the feminine hero. Deadpool displayed equally maximum effort and earned an unprecedented $132.4 million as one of the first big-budget R-rated superhero films. President's Day and Valentine's Day and a strong marketing campaign helped Mr. Wilson as well.

Positive reviews have only helped , with it currently being the highest-rated Spider-Man film in the series at 94 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, tied with Spiderman 2. The lowest reviewed Spidey film was the aforementioned Amazing Spiderman 2 with 52 percent rotten.

Industry trackers are projecting a $100M domestic take and up to $210M worldwide, while Sony is playing it safe and predicting an $80M haul. According to Fandango, it is already outperforming Wonder Woman at this point in the sales cycle.

Despite being new to the MCU, this is Spider-Man's third big-screen outing, and it looks like audiences are embracing him with open arms. It doesn't take Spider Sense to realize that Peter Parker will rule the box office this weekend.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is in theaters now.

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