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After years of speculation, fan petitions and anticipation, Spider-Man (after his stellar appearance in Civil War) is swinging solo full-bore into the MCU this year, with , directed by . After the divisive Amazing Spider-Man franchise, the fanbase's eager to see what Marvel Studios brings to the wall-crawler when it comes to comic book faithfulness, both aesthetically and story-wise. Fortunately, so far, the studio's doing a great job.

The MCU is known for its penchant for Easter Eggs and throwbacks to classic stories that inspired its movies and TV shows. We've seen such tantalizing teases in Iron Man (Tony's getaway armor), The Incredible Hulk (Bruce's purple stretchy pants), the first Captain America movie (Cap's classic outfit), Thor (Thor's helmet) and even in Luke Cage (Luke's classic comic book look). Now, it's time for our beloved webslinger to get the same treatment.

A Classic Throwback

With Homecoming a little less than two months away (not that I'm counting), has released a slew of promotional images from the film, showing Spidey swinging around with Iron Man, hanging around in his homemade costume, a detailed look at his flashy Spider-signal and 's menacing Vulture. But one piece that stands out from the rest is this one:

[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony]
[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony]

Casual moviegoers may see the hero in a cool pose as part of the marketing material, but Spidey's hardcore fans will surely be familiar with the image. It's a nod to the hero's first appearance, on the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15, where he swings across the sky, carrying a man under his arm (minus the man):

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

From what we've been able to see in trailers and teases, ranging from the focus on Peter Parker's high school years all the way to his expressing lenses, Homecoming is, without a doubt, heavily inspired by Spidey's early Steve Ditko and Stan Lee comic book years. This is obviously just one promotional image, but does it tease any more classic comic book elements in the movie? It certainly could.

As a long-time Spider-Man fan, it's incredibly exciting to get these tidbits as further proof of the film's faithfulness to the classic source material. It would be really exciting to see in that pose at some point in the film. Will it happen? I wouldn't be surprised but we'll have to wait and see.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

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