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We're crawling closer and closer to the official premiere of . As July 7 swings into view, we're finally getting some behind-the-scenes peeks at what went down on set, and now, we've roped in a brand new piece of trivia!

In order to prevent too many paparazzi from snooping around set, the production crew decided to give Spider-Man: Homecoming a deceptively subtle working title. The codename they chose? "The Summer of George," as in, the one and only George Costanza from . Co-producer Eric Carroll told Screenrant and other press members the reason behind the codename:

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"We pick code names that make us giggle. Around that time in L.A., there was the channel that showed the Seinfeld reruns from 10 to 11 pm, and we all started coming in the next day and talking about Seinfeld. And when we had to pick a code name for this, 'Summer of George' was one [suggestion] that made us all laugh the hardest. Our email addresses are Episode, which is, that’s the reason."

In the episode in question, George Costanza (Jason Alexander) gets three months paid leave, and decides to start living life to the fullest during "The Summer of George." Of course, his unparalleled laziness kind of foils that plan.

Carroll goes on to say that they even considered having one of the original stars cameo in the new movie, but it didn't quite pan out:

"For a while, we were going to try and throw a cameo in there, too, but [something] just snuck up on us."

Sorry, Seinfeld fans. Maybe it'll happen in the sequel?


Which 'Seinfeld' character would you want to see cameo in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'?

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