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One of the main things that we love about the is how interconnected it all is, with the constant transference of characters, writers and directors between movies. Though it is beloved, many fans have been disappointed by the lack of memorable music from the franchise; other comparable multi-million dollar franchises like and have much more distinctive sonic palettes.

However, Marvel Studios are trying to clean up their sonic act, with the help of one musical talent, who is now set to work his magic on Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Michael Giacchino Is Our Man!

According to a Reddit user, last week Kevin Feige let slip that Michael Giacchino will be working on the newest Spidey soundtrack at a special screening of . Indeed, he was reported to have quickly realized his mistake by stating:

“We announced that right? I really hope we announced that.”

Ooops! Whilst it's an honest gaff, you can’t really blame Feige for slipping up...think of how many MCU secrets he’s juggling! After this rumour began, the internet was rife with speculation about its truthfulness. Luckily Giacchino himself took to Twitter and confirmed what we’d all been hoping for.

Some readers may be wondering why this is such a big deal for - why are some of us so excited by this news? Lets take a look below.

Spidey's Symphonic Past

A lot of excitement surrounds Spider-Man’s scores since, like and , his iconography has deeply permeated popular culture. His jaunty theme tune (above) from his first animated outing is no exception- everyone can hum along to those infamous lyrics, which have been covered by many big names, such as Aerosmith, Michael Buble and even, ahem, Homer Simpson.

Similarly, in his movies, the wall crawler has attracted lots of musical talent. Danny Elfman famously scored the Raimi movies, embellishing the Spider-Man Trilogy with a fittingly forceful motif, worthy of the hero’s mantra of power and responsibility.

The Amazing Spider-Man series first saw the late, and great James Horner have a bash at his own version, before veteran superhero scorer Hans Zimmer took to the recording booth for his own thrilling take. And now the uber-talented Michael Giacchino is set to join this gifted group of musicians...but why is he, in particular, so coveted by fans?

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Getting to Grips With Giacchino

Giacchino hard at work [Image: Deborah Coleman.]
Giacchino hard at work [Image: Deborah Coleman.]

Our Michael might be unknown to many moviegoers, especially compared to the incomparable John Williams or the bombastic Hans Zimmer - yet he is definitely one of the better known talents in Hollywood right now.

He’s a versatile and formidable musician who has worked on some of the biggest films in the past decade. It’s likely that he got the Spidey gig due to his long working relationship with Disney and Pixar; after all, he garnered a lot of praise and recognition for his work on The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Up.

And that’s not all. Giacchino has also received a great deal of critical acclaim for the music he scored for JJ Abrams’s Star Trek series, and he was also hired as the maestro for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Super 8 and Jurassic World. Indeed, the latter two movies are particularly significant, because they are adeptly mimic the works of John Williams.

Indeed, in some quarters Giacchino has been called the successor to the great composer, and that kind of talk doesn't seem to show any signs of stopping. Moreover, Giacchino seems to be following in Williams's footsteps even more in recent years, due to the fact that he is the scorer supreme for the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. So what does this mean for Homecoming?

What Will Giacchino Bring to Spider-Man?

Given that Spider-Man: Homecoming is trying to ape the humorous tones of John Hughes’s movies, many have hoped that Giacchino will lean towards the jazzier, upbeat and more playful feel that he gave to The Incredibles (above), to give it a unique flavor of its own. There are so many superhero movies now that a recognizable theme or score is welcomed among all of the bombast which accompanies the various fight scenes. Certainly, the psychedelic, oriental overtures which appear at several points in the Doctor Strange score, have already been praised for their freshness and embraced by many fans.

But if some of you are wishing for something a little bit more epic, never fear! Doctor Strange proved yet again that the minds at Marvel like to add in choral chanting to elevate their more thrilling scenes, so it’s likely that Giacchino will be bringing a touch of that to Spider-Man. He’s certainly proved that he’s more than capable in some of his other works.

John Hughes's classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off [Paramount]
John Hughes's classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off [Paramount]

Otherwise, it is quite hard to predict which direction he will go in. Whilst some of his scores, such as Doctor Strange and lean towards more conventional blockbuster fare, his work with Pixar and Disney shows that he has a substantial range that he can call upon to make Spider-Man: Homecoming standout from the crowd.

Now with Giacchino’s appointment, the massive potential that Homecoming has is undeniable. There is so much talent working on this movie that it could become something truly special, especially if it has a musical accompaniment that soars as high as its protagonist does above the rooftops of New York!


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