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The hype train for Spider-Man: Homecoming has been going full-steam lately with a new amazing (pun intended) poster and rumors of a trailer dropping sooner than expected. If your hunger for more information about the movie can't be contained any longer, worry not, we might have some new juicy details, thanks to a set.

Instagram user delta.customs posted a picture last week revealing two Lego sets inspired by Homecoming. Check it out:

The post contains this caption:

"To finish all of my leaks, for the summer sets! (or is it??) EDIT: There are only TWO Spider-Man: Homecoming sets!"

Keep in mind, Lego sets are not always 100% accurate when it comes to spoilers, but they have a pretty good track record of giving details to us and the ones listed in the post describe very specific situations. So, let's break down what these two sets can mean for .

'Spider-Man Homecoming' Will Continue To Explore The Avengers' Impact On The World

What does the set contain?

  • Bank Robbery
  • Spider-Man and two robbers
  • The robbers have "Avengers in their name"

It's a bit hard to interpret the two robbers having "Avengers in their names" but it seems to indicate that the criminals gave themselves Avengers titles. The has been dealing with the ramifications of superheroes living in the real world for a long time so it's not surprising that even criminals are using them as inspiration, something we saw in the one-shot Item 47:

What does get me excited about this is how closely it connects Homecoming to the rest of the universe (you know, in case himself co-starring wasn't enough). If this is a scene in the film, I'm sure we'll get a few Civil War references.

Is A Spidey & Iron Man vs. The Vulture & The Shocker Fight Imminent?

What does the set contain?

  • Car
  • Spider-Man, Vulture (Big brick-built wings), Iron Man and Shocker.

This was the biggest surprise to me, as the description implies there will be a two-way team-up of heroes and bad guys with Shocker being part of it. Previous rumors stated that Herman Schultz would have a small role in the story and even Jon Watts seemed to tease that through Instagram.

But going by this description, he'll have a much larger role, possibly in the final battle. If that is indeed the case, and other people in charge will have to handle a villain team-up very carefully, after not-so-great reception from fans in Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The other thing is , who, according to this Lego set, will be putting on his iconic armor at some point in the movie (which we all kinda already knew). At first, I thought the hero would appear briefly in order to give Spidey the spotlight but this implies ol' Shellhead will help our young Wall-crawler in his fight against Vulture... because, why else would you have Shocker, Iron Man, Vulture and Spider-Man if not for an all-out, incredible super-powered brawl?

Interpretive dance: Spider-Man edition
Interpretive dance: Spider-Man edition

What I would prefer, though, is to allow to fight his villains all by himself, as him defeating powerful adversaries on his own thanks to his skill is a big part of the comics. However, these scenes sound really cool, so even though I'd prefer to battle the villains in the film alone, I can't deny the joy I'd feel seeing what these sets promise brought to life.

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Do you think these Lego sets are scenes from the movie? Which one are you most excited to see?


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