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After nearly a decade of waiting, we have finally seen our first look at the 's incarnation of in his own, standalone film — and the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has been met with overwhelming positivity.

Fans love everything from Tom Holland perfectly balancing both sides of Peter Parker to the design of Michael Keaton's Vulture. Plus, while we knew that Robert Downey Jr. would be reprising his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the film, the trailer did not disappoint in showcasing his usual charm.

Despite RDJ's status as Marvel's leading man, however — and I absolutely love his version of , which brilliantly made the MCU possible — there is a part of me that hopes we've now seen most of Tony Stark's appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming. I'd love a cameo from him, but I'd also like his role to be a bit smaller than many other people would. Here's why.

It's A Spider-Man Film, First And Foremost

Spider-Man should be the undisputed star here. It is his first full MCU film, after all. As fantastic as his appearance was in Captain America: Civil War, this is his first real chance to flex his superhero muscles.

We've seen him interact with the other Avengers and take part in arguably the greatest superhero action sequence of all time. But now we have a chance to see the MCU's Peter Parker in all his glory. As such, he should be allowed to stand on his own feet and carry the film by himself — I'm a little worried about Tony Stark hogging the spotlight.

The character has often been a loner, regularly avoiding teaming up with other superheroes in his early years. He didn't officially join the Avengers until 1991!

Peter Needs To Rely On His Own Intelligence, Not On Stark's

Peter Parker is a smart guy; this has always been the case. He has already proved it in the MCU by creating his web fluid by himself, with no help from outside. Tony Stark was suitably impressed with this invention. It's Peter, of course, who comes up with the idea of defeating Giant-Man, so he is clearly an analytical thinker.

No wonder Stark told Aunt May that he would offer Peter a scholarship (before recruiting him for the airport battle)!

In the comics, Spidey frequently defeats his enemies by using his brain rather than his brawn. If he can always rely on Tony Stark, we'll lose that element of the character. It does make sense that Stark would assist Peter by providing him with webbing (it's expensive!) and a new costume — the original version is a bit basic after all — but I'd like to see Peter beat the Vulture on his own, without relying on Iron Man's help.

Spidey's Supporting Cast Should Have Room To Breathe

Peter Parker's supporting characters are equally important as he is to Spider-Man stories. He wouldn't be the same if he didn't have Aunt May to worry about, female classmates to fall in love with, and bullies like Flash Thompson to torment him. His friends and family are key players in his stories and this should also be true in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

From the trailer we see that Peter's friend Ned learns of Spider-Man's dual identity (in much the same way Ganke Lee learns of Miles Morales's secret in Ultimate Spider-Man), so he will obviously have a big part to play. We've also seen a number of other supporting players — Liz Allen, Aunt May and Zendaya's Michelle — and it'll be nice to see them fleshed out.

Tony Stark, on the other hand, has already been fleshed out. A lot. One thing I'm really worried about is Spider-Man becoming a supporting player in his own film, especially with a character as loved as RDJ's Iron Man in there.

That's not to say that I'm not REALLY excited about Spider-Man: Homecoming — it's quite the contrary. I am so excited for this film, as I'm sure you all are; I just hope that Spidey is given the opportunity to show the world just how amazing he truly is...and show the MCU what they have missed until now!

What do you think about Robert Downey Jr. appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Let me know in the comments!


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