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CGI has acted as a catalyst in transferring the pages of comic books to the big screen. As well as bringing the grandiose to life, special effects have also helped to shape the more subtle elements of superhero movies, such as Spider-Man's costume in the MCU.

Although his highly-anticipated appearance in the trailer initially raised concern for looking cartoon-like, the final result for Tom Holland's webslinger was a source-faithful, computer-animated outfit, with a design heavily influenced by the Silver Age of comic books.

Following Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Holland's younger incarnation of is set to return for his debut solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming next summer. Those still not fully convinced of the CGI influence on Spidey's outfit may want to look away now, as director Jon Watts has shared an Instagram post showing Holland in the process of facial capture:

Facing Up To The Challenge

In a similar vein to Captain America: Civil War, Holland's facial expressions will be infused into Spider-Man's mask, allowing the actor to convey emotion through the red fabric. The mechanical eye shutters — a hot talking point following — also allow much more freedom for non-verbal communication.

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Even within the rich backdrop of the critically praised ensemble, Civil War, Holland's Spider-Man stood out as a particular highlight. His quick-witted delivery and youthful nonchalance was contrasted with his high level of combat skill and superhuman ability; something that didn't go unnoticed by Tony Stark.

A Welcome Entry Into The MCU

Tom Holland's Spider-Man will feature in at least six MCU movies [Credit: Disney]
Tom Holland's Spider-Man will feature in at least six MCU movies [Credit: Disney]

Following a deal between Sony and and Marvel, Spider-Man: Homecoming will give newcomer Holland the chance to fully flex his spandex within the high-performing MCU. As well as opening the door to appearances from royalty such as Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), will feature Michael Keaton as lead villain, Vulture.

Any fears of Parker's furore into the MCU being a brief stint have been offset by the recent announcement that Holland has signed a six-picture deal to star in future movies. It looks like Spider-Man will be sticking around after graduation.


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