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Sony's Spider-verse promises to be a much more mature take on the world of Spider-Man, starting with a R-rated Venom film with Carnage as the villain. That's a good start, but has a whole universe to play with and can dig deeper for the real, terrifying villains of Spider-Man. Which one? Have you ever heard of The Thousand? Maybe in your deepest and worst nightmares.

Who Is The Thousand?

Carl King was a bully to Peter Parker, much like Flash Thompson; however, while Flash eventually turned over a new leaf, King went in a slightly different direction. King was there the day Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and witnessed the whole ordeal go down. He then became incredibly jealous of Parker's newfound abilities and powers, going as far as stating that it should have been him instead of Parker.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

With his rage building, King broke into the science exhibit at night to locate the long-dead radioactive spider that bit Parker. Being disappointed that it can no longer bite him, King switched to plan B and consumed it, hoping to gain similar abilities as . Nothing happened for the first few days, much to King's disappointment, until one morning, when he found that his body had broken down into a hive mind of one thousand spiders. While trying to figure out his powers, he unintentionally ate this mother's insides, taking control of her remains.

Seeing if he could do it again, King did the same thing to his father. After years of taking on different hosts, King witnesses a fight between Spider-Man and the Rhino. He decides there and then that he wants to take the superhero life that Parker robbed him of. He wants Spider-Man to become his new host and he was going to achieve is goal no matter how many people he had to kill.

What Are The Thousand's Powers?

The Thousand is literally a thousand different spiders that have the consciousness of Carl King. King is able to use this spiders to take over another human's body by eating out their insides, devouring everything except the skin. While in control of his human hosts, he is able to scale surfaces and cling to walls, much like Spider-Man, but he can also contort his hosts in any way he pleases.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Every time King feasts on a new host, he becomes stronger and more powerful, making him a formidable match against Spider-Man. Over the years, King ate close to a dozen people a year (most being homeless people and children) so that he could build up enough strength to kill Spider-Man. The Thousand might have also been immortal due King's consciousness being shared among a thousand spiders, so he can always multiply his swarm if any of them were to die.

How Could The Thousand Fit Into Sony's Spider-Verse?

Sony is trying a different strategy where they are creating a Spider-verse without actually using (or using very little of) Spider-Man. So, that means that if The Thousand is ever going to make it to the Spider-verse, he would have to be in a different movie. One could say that he could fit into the R-rated world that Sony is creating for Venom.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Sony is marketing Venom as a comic book movie with a horror edge to it, and The Thousand could really add to the chilling and horrific atmosphere in a Venom sequel. Imagine a lifeless skin suit battling Venom, contorting in every possible way — it'd be something right out of The Exorcist. However, The Thousand's origin story isn't exactly directly connected to Venom, but he is connected to Spider-Man side character, Silk.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Silk, like Carl King, was also there on the day that Peter Parker was bitten by the radioactive spider. However, before dying, the same spider also bit student Cindy Moon. Moon gained similar powers to Spider-Man except that she shoots webs out from the tips of her fingers and her "spider-sense" is much stronger than Parker's. Silk has become an increasingly popular character in the Spidey mythos and Sony would be crazy not to even think about a film featuring this character.

It wouldn't be too hard to connect these two in the same film and it'd be a great way to introduce two great characters that have yet to become household names. The Thousand is creepy, terrifying and every arachnophobe's worst nightmare, making him a very compelling villain for a future R-rated movie.

Would you like to see The Thousand in a future Marvel film?


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