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It's safe to say that one of our biggest and wildest dreams as comic book fans is to see the worlds or Marvel and DC collide. Given how competitive the comic book movie market has gotten, that's a very unlikely event, at least on the movie side of things. However, it doesn't mean it couldn't become true through another medium: comics.

Our dream became a reality (sort of) in the printed page, because Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen just crossed over wth Superman in the most clever way possible. Tasked by Maria Hill, and (as Spider-Man and , respectively) try to figure out what happened with Miles' father, who went missing.

The search has taken them on a wild dimension-hopping trip across the multiverse. Given the previously-mentioned restrictions put upon by business competition, it was easy to imagine the "multiverse" was only Marvel's version of it. But the creative team behind the book took things one huge step further. In the recently-released Amazing Spider-Man #14, Gwen and Miles travel to a certain rival superhero world. Take a look:

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

The pair of young arachnid superheroes just stumbled into none other than the city of Metropolis. How do I know that? In the first panel, a golden globe with the world "Planet" is visible. As I'm sure you know, that's the workplace of our favorite mild-mannered reporter, .

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

But that could be plausible deniability, want harder proof? Check out the red streak in the sky, speeding off either to save someone or return to his job: it's Superman himself.

That's right, the pair entered the Universe. Sure, it was an incredibly brief crossover but a crossover nonetheless. This is really curious, because, while both companies have dealt with the head-scratching concept of the multiverse in their respective stories, we always assumed each had their own multiverse. This panel seems to indicate that's not the case. It's also important to note, that is actually a reunion between and Spider-Man, because...

This Isn't The First Time Superman And Spider-Man Meet

[Credit: Marvel/DC Comics]
[Credit: Marvel/DC Comics]

In the 1970s, was approached with the idea of talking to then-DC's editorial director, Carmine Infantino, to make a live-action film starring Superman and Spider-Man. At the time, however, Christopher Reeve's Superman franchise and Spider-Man TV movies were happening, which made a crossover incredibly difficult. So Lee and Infantino opted to do the mash-up on the printed page.

The story revolves around Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus combining forces in order to conquer the world. After Luthor captures Mary Jane and Lois Lane (because, why not?) Supes and Spidey are duped into fighting. In case you're wondering just how in the world managed to hold his own against the Big Blue Boy Scout, it was thanks to his suit being irradiated by red sunlight.

[Credit: DC/Marvel Comics]
[Credit: DC/Marvel Comics]

Anyway, as you can imagine, both superheroes eventually patch things up and join forces to kick their respective enemies' butts and save their respective better-halves. It was an incredibly fascinating story that highlights the different mindset from that people working in the industry had before their characters became multi-million dollar franchises.

So, while the heroes did'n interact, and the identity is used by Miles Morals and not Peter Parker, it's nice to see a subtle callback to it in modern comics.

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So, does this new Spidey/Superman crossover mean anything bigger for both companies? Other than the implication of the companies' multiverse being one and the same? Not really, it seems like just a fun nod. But given how clever it was, it would be amazing to keep getting similar to it.

What did you think of Marvel and DC's clever crossover? Would you like to see more of these in the future? Let me know in the comments!


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