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The wait is almost over! Spider-Man: Homecoming, the film that solidifies the amazing partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, and cements Spider-Man in the MCU, is about to hit theaters. Understandably, the excitement is high — probably higher than your average MCU movie — if only due to the nature of the unique and rare partnership that created the film. Critics are loving it. The actors and producers love it. Soon, we'll be able to love it too. If the short wait is still a little bit too much for you and you just need your fix then fear not! Entertainment Weekly released a hilarious new cover featuring everyone's new favorite web head.

Tom Holland Is Your New Favorite Wall Crawler

One thing that has been clear since Tom Holland was first cast in the role of Peter Parker is that he loves Spider-Man. The amount of fun the young actor has with the role and interacting with other superheroes is easy to see, and the EW cover shows that with Holland's huge, genuine smile. Being involved in the biggest franchise in history is a major accomplishment for Holland; he's simply a kid who landed the absolute dream job.

In fact, Holland gets so excited about being Spider-Man that sometimes he shares too much with fans (which is OK with us, but not OK with the higher ups at Sony and ). Holland wasn't even allowed to read the entire script of Avengers: Infinity War because he has as big mouth and might spoil something. Who can blame him? Of course he's excited about the movie, and he hasn't been a huge star in Hollywood long enough to learn how to keep secrets. Somehow, EW captured the essence of Holland's Spider-Man in a single image, but that's not all the cover managed to do.

Clever Michael Keaton Reference

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Sony / Marvel Studios]
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Sony / Marvel Studios]

Part of Holland's charm is that he seems to be more like us, the fans, than his fellow co-stars of the . On the cover, Spider-Man is texting , giving us a look at his conversation. Aside from being thrilled over being Spider-Man and appearing on the cover of EW, he makes a reference to Michael Keaton's role as Birdman in the film of the same name. Keaton portrays the villain (although Keaton won't call himself that) Vulture in Homecoming and, according to Tom Holland, he's terrifying. Keaton's role as yet another flying animal has been the source of many jokes since his casting (Keaton previously portrayed Batman and Birdman), but the venture into villainy is new and exciting for the franchise, as we haven't seen his character on screen before.

Spider-Man Stays True To His Teen Roots

'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]
'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]

Another part of Peter Parker that is captured in the EW cover is how he's an average teenager who happens to have incredible powers. Like a lot of fellow teenagers out there, he's obsessed with Netflix and its latest original series, Glow. Overall, I'm really impressed with EW's creative and design teams, as it's managed to create a fun cover that not only gives us a healthy serving of Spider-Man but also does what a magazine cover needs to do: get people to read it and give a brief overview of what they might find inside.

The only downside to getting a taste of Spider-Man is now I want more! There's not much waiting left as Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7.

What series would you recommend to Peter Parker after he finished watching GLOW?


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