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After a tremendous appearance in Captain America: Civil War, the new and improved Spider-Man has been generating a lot of buzz and we can barely contain our excitement for Spider-Man: Homecoming. It seems director Jon Watts can barely hold his enthusiasm in either, as he has been annoying Marvel security constantly by releasing sneak peeks at shooting on set.

Check out Tom Holland showing off his gymnastic skills on set:

On Saturday, Watts dropped an enticing on-set video of Tom Holland sitting on a wooden box in a green screen environment with what looks to be either a projection of a large figure or a back-lit figure behind him. And since then, the Marvel fandom has been busy at work, trying to decipher who or what it could be.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage below:

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Who Oh Who Could It Be?

A huge shadow looms over Peter Parker, suggesting that it could be a nemesis waiting for his moment to pounce. Rumor has it Homecoming will feature three villains: Vulture, Shocker, and one more that has yet to be confirmed. As more big names are added to the cast, it looks as though some roles are becoming clearer. For example, Michael Keaton — who was once a hero is now a villain — has been confirmed to be playing the sinister geriatric super villain, Vulture.

Spidey and Vulture go toe-to-toe in concept art released by Marvel.
Spidey and Vulture go toe-to-toe in concept art released by Marvel.

The shadow looks quite slender and as we can see from the concept art above Vulture's wings are enormous, so it's safe to rule out Keaton.

Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo) has also been added to the cast and is suspected to play another villain, perhaps Shocker, the explosive thuggish alter-ego of Herman Schultz. The figure matches Shocker's physique so perhaps we're watching him emerge from sparks and electricity bolts before charging at Parker.

It Was All A Dream

Looking at the rest of the environment, everything is green, and normally for intricate fight scenes filmmakers build some sort of base set. For example, if the fight were to take place on a rooftop, set design would create the rooftop and use green screen to put in the New York skyline behind them. This suggest that Peter Parker could be in a dream environment and the shadow could be his anxieties and fears embodied in some ominous, dark form.

Check out the bonkers dream sequence from the animated series:

It could also perhaps be an extra scene added toward the end of the film that builds toward a sequel. Perhaps we’re looking at the shadowy form of Venom waiting for his chance to strike in the next installment? It could also be promotional material used in the run up to the release, or maybe some wild crossover with Watts's previous work, Clown.

Check out the trailer for Jon Watts's breakthrough debut, Clown:

The more we learn about Homecoming the more enticing it becomes, but Spider-Man fans have learned to be very wary of getting too excited — having learned their lesson from the previous franchise, which started with a bang and ended with a whimper. It seems that Homecoming will be taking the Spider-Man story in a fresh direction and it will be amazing to see how Tom Holland's acrobatics will fuse with the imaginative dream sequence or CGI fight scene Jon Watts is revealing.

Who do you think is lurking in the shadows?


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