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Oh Spider-Man, you little love rat! While Laura Harrier's Liz Allen is tipped to play the leading lady in Peter Parker's life during Spider-Man: Homecoming, we all know that those high school romances never last. Let's not forget, that boy has had more women than spider bites, so could there be another romantic relationship just on the horizon? Did the Homecoming trailer give us a glimpse of a more iconic character? Gwen Stacy, is that you?

Now And Gwen

[Credit: Marvel/Marvel Studios
[Credit: Marvel/Marvel Studios

Fans of the comics will know that the ultimate love of the Spideyverse is Peter's tumultuous relationship with Gwen Stacy. Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane Watson dominated the Sam Raimi films, while Bryce Dallas Howard's Stacy was relegated to the final outing. Then it was Emma Stone's turn when she played the doomed Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb's maligned Amazing Spider-Man films.

Some eagle-eyed viewers think they may have already spotted Gwen in the Homecoming trailer — no, she isn't behind the Thor mask in the bank robbery scene. The trailer sees Liz guiding a group of younger students around the school and we spot a disgruntled looking blonde girl. Complete with pristine sweater vest and headband, this little lady bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Gwen Stacy.

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Others maintain that the girl could just be an extra, but we have spotted that she looks a lot like Angourie Rice. Rice has been cast in an unknown role, but filling up the cast list, it was rumored that she would be playing young Betty Brant — Parker's first love and the eventual wife of Peter's friend Ned Leeds. Brant's comic character was J.J. Jameson's faithful assistant at the Daily Bugle and was portrayed by Elizabeth Banks in Raimi's film.

And Gwen I Go And Spoil It All

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

We will have to wait and see whether this Easter Egg has been cracked, however, is it a bit early to once again be giving us Gwen? According to the writers, given that she was featured so prominently in Webb's films, Gwen was never on the table for Homecoming. Emma Stone was superb as Stacy, but as we saw her iconic death played out so recently, even a young Gwen Stacy will probably sit on the backburner for now.

It is almost a given that Homecoming will be littered with Easter Eggs to the future of the webslinger, after all, the live action Spider-Man films are known for their subtle hints to the future. Raimi spent three films trying to set up Dylan Baker as Lizard, while Webb's two films were seemingly leading to the Sinister Six. It might be a little early in the day, but with Holland reportedly signed on for three Spider-Man solos, Gwen Stacy is likely to flick her goldie locks at some point. Wait for the sound of that sweet neck crack, it might just be a while.

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