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Deadpool has a crush on Spider-Man and tonight the Merc With A Mouth planted a big wet one on Spidey. The 2017 brought us many memorable moments, but none quite as surprising as when Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield made out smack dab in the middle of the awards ceremony. Yep, that actually happened on live TV.

2017 Golden Globes
2017 Golden Globes

As Ryan Gosling made his way to the golden stage to accept his award for Best Lead Actor in a Musical or Comedy for – an award Reynolds was also up for thanks to Deadpool – loser Ryan Reynolds eased his pain by getting a little action in the background.

The moment was everything we ever wanted. In true form, wasn't about to let the Golden Globes off easy for losing the award. Well played, Ryan, well played indeed.

In the clip below, watch the left of your screen closely as Gosling ascends the stage.

For those unfamiliar with the comics, it is rumored throughout Marvel stories that Deadpool has serious feels for his pal Spider-Man, though the webslinger often doth protest any attraction. Deadpool teases Spider-Man relentlessly with jokes and comments about his attraction to Spidey... and Reynolds' shenanigans may just have demonstrated that those comments were not jokes at all.


Instead, the lines were actually Deadpool's means of confessing his utter and unwavering devotion to Spider-Man. No doubt Spideypool shippers around the world are writing some serious fan-fiction after tonight's events.

And though Andrew Garfield may not actually be Spiderman any longer, who cares, I still ship it.


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