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The visionary and versatile director Spike Jonze who started his career predominantly as a music director, transgressed into the feature film world with Being John Malkovich to much critical acclaim; and now he seems to be doing the same with Her.

Here's the summary via Indiewire:

In the film, gives a soulful performance as Theodore, a man living in Los Angeles who has a job writing cards and letters for other people. Following the disintegration of his marriage to Catherine (), the lonely Theodore takes an especially personal liking to his new operating system, Samantha (voiced by ). What follows is a love story couldn't be more of the moment.

Recently, Indiewire interviewed Jonze, where they talked: relationships, heartbreak and the inspiration for Her:

The initial idea was like 10 years ago, just that a guy has a relationship with an artificially intelligent operating system. I didn't really think about it that much for a few years until I started thinking about it more terms of it being a relationship movie.

And what of the creative process:

It's A), instinctual; B), you're discovering it; C), it's evolving the whole time.

I start with what the movie feels like to me. Now in hindsight I think I was using technology and society and the speed of our lives and the ways we use technology to connect or not to connect.

's new film Her is an examination of the rate in which society is progressing and how it has impacted on our ability to create intimate relationships with others, which couldn't be more relevant. What are your thoughts?

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Source: Indiewire



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