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If there were a word to describe 's body of work, it would be "eclectic": He was the writer behind MTV's Jackass, created the iconic Beastie Boys video for 'Sabotage', and called the shots on documentaries for everyone from Tenacious D to Björk, adapted and directed the big screen version of beloved children's classic Where the Wild Things Are, will be acting in front of the camera in The Wolf of Wall Street, was one of the genius minds behind Dirt magazine, and was 's muse for the few years they were married. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, what.

His latest project is upcoming sci-fi romance (sure, okay, whatever you want, Spike) Her. And hey, guess what? We finally, finally have a release date for it, with Warner Bros. revealing the film will be released on Wednesday, November 20th, which will pit it against The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Nebraska, and Delivery Man. So there we are.

The film stars fellow eccentric as Theodore, a man from the near future who falls in love with his operating system, which should play right into Jonze's trademark style of blending live-action photography and animation. The film also stars , , and .

If you live in L.A. and can't possibly wait that long, you have the chance to sneak a peek even sooner: Jonze will be debuting footage from the film at next month's LA Film Festival. Snazzy.


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