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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

is a headline-hogger right now. First, he unveils the trailer to his controversial Oldboy reboot. Then, he asked for $1.25 million from Kickstarter for his new movie - with no information about the proposed movie included.

Kickstarter's a dicey proposition - what works for Veronica Mars and can be an embarrassing flop for others. Step forward, ...

Anyway, the legend himself has been speaking to Shadow and Act about this new craze called Kickstarter. It's a short interview you should definitely check out (Mr Lee doesn't hold back with his answers!) where he discusses the Kickstarter phenomenon and this mysterious new project. Here's what we gleaned below:

  • Modern Hollywood trailers - Spike Lee reckons they tell us too much! With this movie, he wants a 'sense of discovery' to return. To that, I say bravo. For me, mystery works just as well in promotion as 'best bits' (maybe apart from for comedies).

  • It's gonna be a risque movie, there will be 'black, naked people. Butt naked.' Wow.

  • To all those who don't fancy donating because they know nothing about the movie, he directs us to a Wesley Snipes saying, 'bet on black'. After all, why not vote for the winning horse? This is where things get a tad-Kanye West-esque, with Lee listing his projects and career highlights. Lee's a tried n' tested, exemplary director, sure, but Kickstarter seems better as a way of getting specific projects off the ground that the public have a passion for - we don't even know what the project is here!

  • The cast will all be unknown but not for long, he promises they will 'blow up' afterwards

  • He reckons the days of if 'the studio's don't want to make your film, you can't get it done' are over. It's a community age!

It's an interesting interview, but still all we know about this project is that it's a group of young unknowns being sensual (and if they're black, maybe stripping off) directed by a director with pedigree. Is that enough to let go of some hard-earned cash? Get in touch below!


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