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is a busy man. Currently promoting his newest flick, Oldboy, and about to start shooting Da Sweet Blood of Jesusl, having finished the Michael Jackson documentary Bad 25 and independent film Red Hook Summer, and with his stage adaptation Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth coming up, it can be stated without reservations that he's got a lot of stuff on his plate. And that plate might just get a new slab of cinematographic meat ceremoniously dumped on it.

Spinning Gold, a biopic on the life and times of Neil Bogart (an immensely successful music record producer, for those of you who hadn't heard of him), looks like it could be in Spike's path in the near future. The film has already gotten 's commitment since 2011, and now the producers are seeking out Mr. Lee to fill in the director's chair. The script, penned by Neil's son , focuses on the Horatio Alger-like tale of his dad's rise from Brooklyn's 'rags' to the music industry's 'riches.' Bogart founded Casablanca Records, which released albums by Donna Summer, KISS and Parliament, among others. He also played a major role in implementing the widespread use of 12-inch records as a singles format, working along the way with the likes of Bill Withers, The Village People and Curtis Mayfield.

As of now, the whole project is heading to the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA (which takes place between November 6th - 13th), where hopefully some exec will take it upon him/herself to buy the rights. Until then, there'll be enough Spike Lee to satiate his loyal fans for a while.

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