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What's happening? It's the year of our lord 2017, and the world seems to be back on the M. Night Shyamalan train. I'm not sure how we got here, but if this is going to be a golden year for (I know, every year is the year horror gets good again, but this time the revival is real) then the hit/miss director's identity thriller unseating Hidden Figures at the top of the box office this week feels like a good omen.

In Split, James McAvoy plays a man named Kevin who suffers dissociative identity disorder and has 23 distinct personalities. How can you argue with 23 McAvoys for the price of one?

The director considers it a "thematic sequel" to his classic Unbreakable, but unlike that film this one was made on such a tiny budget ($10m) that, after three days, it's already profitable. Split made $40.2m in the US this weekend and has $46m globally. Expect this one to fire north of $150m in time. Shyamalan is back, y'all.

Last week's number one holdover , which could pick up three or four major Oscar nominations this week, is down to third this weekend with a brilliant $16.2m for a total of $84.2m in the US. There's no mystery about why Hidden Figures is doing so well — it's simply a feel-good movie with a great hook about an empowering true story nobody knew.

New in at second this week is xXx: . The world wasn't exactly holding its breath for a new Xander Cage movie, and nobody's really here for Vin Diesel outside of the Fast movies, so its $20m opening weekend is a flop but not a shock. Internationally it's doing much better, with a $70.5m total to date. This one needs to go north of $250m to make money, though. Good luck with that!

Animated musical is voiced by Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey, and is already the second-biggest hit either actor has ever had at the box office (Interstellar is first). Sing made another $9m this weekend for a stateside total of $249m. Globally, it's on $428m.

Oscars favorite made $8.3m this weekend, and will probably make more next weekend once the nominations are out (it should be represented in Best Actor, Actress, Picture, Director and Original Song at the very least). So far, La La Land sits on $89.7m in the US with global bank of $173.4m, and presumably this third collab between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling won't be the last.

Two films which are very much not Oscar favorites, Passengers and , continue to add to their totals this week. Creed is going more slowly with $53.8m in the US (where it's done) and $203m globally. For such an expensive movie that's shocking — don't hold out for a sequel. Passengers looked like a flop initially, but now has $94.5m in the bank stateside and a global total of $270m and counting, which is pretty decent.

And finally, is beginning to fall away now, having made an incredible $512m in the US and $1.011bn across the world. Fair to say the cocaine will be flowing freely at Disney Towers. (Just kidding. They don't do drugs in Hollywood.)

Is 'Split' the comeback you've been waiting for from Shyamalan? And which movie will you be seeing this weekend?

'La La Land' [Credit: Lionsgate]
'La La Land' [Credit: Lionsgate]

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