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David Latona

With the return of The Vampire Diaries to our TV screens lingering nigh, fans are in for an early treat: new executive producer Caroline Dries shared some information on specific character arcs that will be showcased during the show's fifth season. Mild spoilers are to follow, so proceed at your own risk!

In the season premiere,

not a single soul in Mystic Falls will know that Stefan has been dropped into the bottom of the lake. Life is in a good place for Elena and Damon, and she is ready to take on college. Whitmore College is not that far from home either. However, there is trouble coming. A big conspiracy will be a part of season five, and it will have to do with events at Whitmore.

As for Stefan,

it will be discovered that he didn't just drive off into the sunset at the end of season four. However, Silas will become a part of Mystic Falls while he is gone, and he is the 'big bad' of season five. Stefan will have a lot to cope with during season five. Drowning over and over again will not be easy on him.

Dries offered this tidbit about what's in store next for Stefan (played by , who also portrays Silas):

Stefan is going to deal with the repercussions of spending a summer or more in this hell. His storyline's going to be pretty dark this season, but also really cool, too. It'll be a new Stefan, I'd say.

The Vampire Diaries will return for its fifth season on October 3rd. It airs on The CW at 8 pm (EST).




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