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We already known that Elena () has gone completely wheels off in the wake of Jeremy's death and that the next episode, "Bring it On" (airing March 14th), won't exactly see her easing up on the boss-level crazy.

So in the NEXT next episode, Damon () decides to take matters into his own hands and whisks Elena away from the tragedy-filled surroundings of Mystic Falls and to the glamour and excitement of New York City. Of course, the couple gets more than they bargained for.

WARNING: I'm about to get all spoilery up in this ish, so if you don't want to know what happens, I suggest you stop reading.

[[spoiler]] As it turns out, Rebekah ) crashes the party and joins the duo on their trip, as she is "impressed with Elena's secret agenda." Matters get further complicated when flashbacks to Damon's 1970s life in NYC include the reappearance of Lexi () and, well, "it's complicated" as Facebook would say. Oh, snap.

While Damon and Elena have their hands full in the big city, the rest of the gang is back in Mystic Falls and trying to figure out what to do about Silas. Bonnie () is apparently no help, as she's off in looney tunes town trying to keep her grip on reality. Stefan ) and Caroline (), on the other hand, spend the entire episode trying to convince Klaus () to let them hunt Silas. [[/spoiler]]

What do you think? Are you excited to learn about Damon's past? Or were you hoping for some uninterrupted romance time for the besieged couple? Let us know in the comments.


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