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We love him and he knows, but there are rumbles that we might have just got a first look at the anthology film. Off the back of 2016's , there is certainly a lot pressure weighing down on Phil Lord and Chris Miller's anthology film, however, it looks like we are in for a treat.

With a bumper cast including , , , and , we already know who will be involved in the intergalactic adventure, but nothing about what they will be up to. Charting the life of a young Han, it is expected that Solo will explore the smuggler's earlier days and some rough new corners of the universe.

The Art Of The Deal

With Han Solo (still nameless) premiering only five months after the upcoming , seems to be keeping a tight lock on spoilers for the anthology movie. However, some potentially huge spoilers have made their way onto the internet from a very unlikely source. Concept art of outfits, ships, and various futuristic vehicles have made it onto eBay and are reportedly from a person close to "Red Cup" — the Solo working title.

Star Wars News Net broke the news with the pictures, but they have since gone viral on social media sites like Twitter, giving you a closer look at what Ehrenreich and co. could be blasting off in. It is a large dose of things that look familiar, but with a new twist for those who fear Star Wars could be running out of steam.

The art is incredibly detailed and we notably see what looks like the construction of a troop carrier that is also rendered in 3D. There is also a vehicle with rotating thrusters that looks a lot like Darth Vader’s T-4a Lambda-class shuttle from the original trilogy. Finally, we also get to see the "Nest Bumper Car," which appears to be a twin-engined version of the speeder bikes that we saw from the forest chase in Return of the Jedi. Note that most of the designs are of Imperial vessels and there is (as yet) no sign of a shiny new Millennium Falcon before it became that rattling bucket of bolts.

Vehicles aside, and perhaps most intriguing, we see a character design for Solo's outfit. Notice that it looks almost identical to Alden Ehrenreich with a snazzy new haircut, however, note that Solo's fashion hasn't changed much from his youth into adulthood. With his signature combat jacket and blaster holder, it is almost an exact replica of 's outfit in The Empire Strikes Back.

While the images may need to be taken with a pinch of salt, it certainly seems to be the real deal. Even if it just the work of a very gifted fan artist, they went to some serious lengths to make it look like the real McCoy. With 40 years of Star Wars fandom to pick at, Han Solo seems to be sticking with the aesthetic that we have come to adore. Security is notoriously tight on production of such projects, however if someone has managed to "smuggle" these plans out, it could be a very good look at what we should expect when we make the Kessel Run in a year's time.

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Is this Han Solo art the real deal?

(Source: Star Wars News Net)


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