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Mark Newton

Potential Transformers: Age of Extinction spoilers below.

You might be thinking 's blockbuster movies have reached the peak of over-the-top, ridiculous action. After the pyro-smash-fest that was Transformers 3, where can he go in his endless search for more explosive CGI-eye candy? Well, we've got an answer. Rumors are abounding that Transformers: Age of Extinction may be the most dumbly exaggerated Transformers movie yet.

Why is that? Well, because Optimus Prime might be riding a massive mechanical dinosaur. Joblo recently released a photo from a recent trade show which appears to show the transforming leader catching a ride on the back of autobot T-Rex, Grimlock. Check it out below:

Now, of course, this doesn't necessarily mean Optimus will ride Grimlock in the movie, although it is certainly suggestive.

What do you think? Do you for some reason think this is awesome? Or has Michael Bay finally gone too far? Give us your opinion below.


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