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Stop right here if you haven't yet watched the latest Sons of Anarchy season 6 finale, because we have a selection of snippets from Jimmy Smits recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Smits on Nero:

What I liked about Gemma and Nero’s relationship is that it was the healthiest one on the show this season because they were honest with each other about everything — and then the second they started holding things back, it all went to hell.

It’s been a kind of awkward courtship. Like when I read the whole thing about him accepting the conjugal [visit Gemma had with Clay], Jimmy was like, “What? WTF?” [Laughs] But then I had to reset and say, “Wait a minute, Nero is the companionator. He understands relationships and how you deal with women in a totally different kind of way than I do.” When I put that kind of thinking cap on, it’s like, “Okay, there’s something different going on there in terms of their relationship, and what they’ve been through, and acceptance and tolerance.” Like Unser will ask her, “So where’s your pimp?” “He’s with the whores.”

When we started talking about it in the beginning, it was like, “Come on, cardigans? Mr. Padilla’s Neighborhood. ‘Welcome to Mr. Nero’s Neighborhood.’ But [costume designer] Kelli Jones and I had a dialogue about this guy from the streets who’s trying to be a businessman, but he can’t do suits. So it kinda morphed into this cardigan thing, and he’s trying to do something businessy [Laughs] and he’s got this wifebeater on underneath it. It’s like the tattoos. Each one of them tells a story. It really helps me get into character because it takes a long time to put stuff on.

concludes with quite a doomed prediction of the final plot eventualities stating:

There’s not gonna be too many last people standing, I don’t think.

Read the full interview here: Entertainment Weekly

What are your thoughts on Jimmy's dissection? Any surprise revelations?



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